WTS: 197-series Mini 14 ranch, stainless

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    SPF to Raccol
    Up for grabs is my serial# 197 Stainless Steel Mini Ranch rifle.

    I am the second owner, and has right at 1K rounds fired, Rem UMC & British Radaway Green.

    Has the following upgrades by Gundoc:
    *Trigger job, I have not measured it, seems right at 4 lbs,
    *Barrel cut to 16.25", threaded for A1 Flash hider,
    *3 blade GB style front sight (like an M14),
    *Barrel Cryogentically treated by Cryopro, stopped flyers cold,
    *Gundoc gas bushing set installed,
    *Williams WGRS rear peep sight installed, factory sight included,
    *Ultimak forward optic/scopr mount rail
    Included with the Mini are the following:
    Factory Ruger black handguard,
    Factory stainless scope rings,
    Four Ruger factory 20rd mags,
    Three Ruger factory 5 round mags,
    Two 30rd PMI mags,
    Will also include a plastic foam lined case (not an expensive piece, but would keep everything safe during shipping).
    This gun is a fun shooter and i have never had ANY malfunctions with it. I have never tried to do any 100m groups with it, but its very accurate. I have shot 1.5-2" groups at 50m all day long. It can definitely out shoot me. It was cleaned after almost every outing. Very little, if any scratches on the wood stock. I can take and e-mail more pictures if needed.

    SPF to Raccol


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