Two of my three Mossbergs are DOWN, lol?

Discussion in 'Shotgun Talk' started by CavScout88, Oct 5, 2012.

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    So I have my GTW 590A1, a 590, and a 500. The 590A1 is new and flawless.

    The 590 (20") is older with a LOT of rounds through it.
    What's 'down' about this one is my cousin, not I, managed to get a couplelight primer strikes. I was watching, he did it quite a few times, and it waswith different kinds of ammo. Its never done it to me and I can't recreateit...

    The 500 (19-ish", sawed) was had for $50, all I had to do was findenough parts from enough 500's to make one.
    This one is down because of extraction issues. Occasionally the bolt pullsthe empty shell straight back and nothing else. Then there's a shell securelyheld by both extracting arms/claws and a live shell ready to feed below it.Only way to clear this without disassembly is push the live shell back into themag tube with a finger, then push the empty down out of the extractors.

    I'm thinking a new w/e spring in the trigger housing assembly for the 590and a little polishing on the extractors of the 500. Before I do, either ofthese things on warranty you think? And anyone else had these issues or have ideas?

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