Safir T-14 .410 based on AR-15 with Trijicon ACOG Reflex optic

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    5 rounds fired.
    1 magazine
    $1600.00 obo FTF. Will ship on your dime.
    Listed on multiple forums.

    Email me at rescottpac AT

    Open to trades. Not looking for anything in particular but make an offer. Worst I can say is thanks but no.



    Type: semi-automatic
    Gauge: .410 (36), 65 mm (2 1/2") chamber
    Length: 960 mm (860mm for collapsible butt "S" models)
    Barrel length: 510 mm (also 320 mm or 610 mm)
    Weight 2.6 - 2.7 kg
    Capacity: 5, 10 or 13 rounds in detachable box magazine
    The T-14 shotgun is developed by Turkish company Safir Arms now present in USA as Safir Arms USA Willingboro NJ. It is broadly based on the famous Ar-15 / M16 rifle, but has several patented features necessary for reliable functioning with shotgun-type ammunition. At the present time it is offered in only one caliber, .410x65 (also known as 36 gauge, 2 /12 inch chamber). With .410 caliber bullet weighting 7.5 gram (116 grains) manufacturer claims muzzle velocity in 700 m/s (2,290 fps) range, providing muzzle energy of about 1,800 Joules (1,320 ft-lbs). The T-14 shotgun is semi-automatic only and is available in different barrel lengths to make it legal for civilian use.

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