Recommendations for a Remington 597?

Discussion in 'Other Long Gun Talk' started by fnhooked, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I haven’t shot a rifle in years (last one was a M-16) ‘cuz I’ve been having too much fun with my 9mm and IDPA. I can see a hole starting to form in my wallet so to hopefully save a little money, I’ve decided on the Remington 597 for my 1st .22 rifle based on price, accuracy, easy to field strip to clean, last-shot “hold open” magazine, etc but still have some questions.

    I’m planning on doing mostly range/target shooting with the possibility of competition later but, honestly, any rifle I get will shoot more accurate than me. I will need an inexpensive scope that is good for up to 100 yards or so and I’m really considering getting the ProMag Archangel Remington 597 Stock Tactical Mag Release 6 Position Stock kit just ‘cuz it looks cool.

    I’m looking at 3 different options in rifles:

    1) Remington Model 597 SemiAutomatic Rifle .22 Long Rifle 20" Barrel (model 6550) with Gray Synthetic Stock with adjustable front and rear iron sights,about $190.

    2) Remington Model 597 SemiAutomatic Rifle .22 Long Rifle 20" Barrel (model 6513) Gray Synthetic Stock Matte Finish Includes Scope 3-9x32mm and Mounts but no iron sights for about $35 more, about $225.

    3) Remington Model 597 Semi Automatic AAC-SD Rifle .22 Long Rifle 16.5" Threaded Barrel (model 80910) Black Synthetic Stock Matte Finish without iron sights or scope for about the same price as the model 6513, about $225 plus scope.

    From what I can tell, there isn’t much differences between #1 and #2 and the iron sights and scope so is the scope from Remington on #2 above decent enough for 100 yds max or should I get a different scope? If so, any thoughts, suggestions?

    What are the pros & cons of going with #3 over #1 or#2? I know shorter threaded barrel but how will that effect accuracy, if at all. Also threaded barrel allows for suppressor … any advantage?

    I would love to buy both but on the low end, I’m looking at a minimum of about $250 without the Archangle, $350 with it.

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