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    Fellow Procyon Owners,

    I was wondering if anybody who uses an XTI Procyon has noticed if their's also has a "constant-on" strobe mode in addition to the three modes that are advertised by Insight?

    I just bought a Procyon a couple of weeks ago and after enough tinkering, discovered that you can actually set the strobe to stay on - without holding anything - until you turn it off. Normally you would tap either paddle down one time, and then on the second sequential tap, hold it down to engage the strobe which would turn off when released.

    I found that similarly, if you turn the constant-on switch on and then off, and then on again fast enough, it engages the strobe effect and stays on until you disengage the switch. Alternatively, you can press the paddle down and then into the constant-on position and, if done fast enough, will produce the same result. I found this easiest with keeping my (right) trigger finger indexed, using it to tap the right side paddle down while using my left thumb to turn the constant-on switch on, on the left.

    Did anybody know about this before and is it working for anybody else?

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