Question about MI-T series handguards?

Discussion in 'AR Talk' started by VDubbinMI, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I know there were a few recent threads on handguards but after reading through and doing some google searching I was unable to find an answer.

    I have a BCM 16" Middy with F marked sight base and I bought a MI-T10 freefloat handguard last night along with a YHM short gas block. I was about to also purchase the MI trim ring but I didn't know if it would fit in front of the gas block. Does anyone have this setup that can let me know if thats possible?

    Also can you use an armorer's wrench to install the barrel nut that comes with the MI handguards? When looking at the special tools on MI's website their barrel nut wrench is a two-pin spanner wrench but I see no way of using a torque wrench with their specific tool. I thought barrel nuts had to be torqued to 50 Ft/lb and back 3 times before a final torque? I would think it'd be kind of silly to add a free float system to improve accuracy, yet torque the barrel without some way of measuring torque on the nut. I was looking at a few armorers tools online and saw they had a 3 pin spanner wrench plus the 1/2" drive square for a torque wrench, would that be compatible with the MI barrel nut?

    I can't wait to get it all installed next week and hit the range. Thanks for the help guys.


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