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Discussion in 'Springfield XD/XD(M) Range Reports' started by myblunt, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Hey just wanted to say, I got some rangetime in today, and it was good.

    Fitted a Hogue grip sleeve to my XD 40 so she's doin pretty good. I like it better.

    got my tlr-1s dirty, but it cleaned right up with a bit of hoppes... :cool:

    anyways, went thru 50 rounds of 165grain, and 100rnds of 180grain, and I think I like the 165grain better. That and this time around I drove an hour to an indoor range where i could reel it in and shoot and something less than 15 yards. at 3, 7, & 10 yards I was pretty much punching holes where i wanted to.

    the normal outdoor range where I go to is 'fixed' at 15 yards, or 25 yds. so anyways, I think everything is just working out. and were're at about 750 rounds down the pipe so she's breaking in nicely. The trigger pull has worked itself out a bit and the dryfire practicing has helped. now i have to work on hand position. I notice i tend to jam my finger in there, when i pull the trigger, it rubs the trigger guard. on the bottom. finger's all red from it, gotta move that finger and i think that'll solve the last inch of shooting left.

    tl;dr - had a great day...


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