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Discussion in 'Non-XD Handguns' started by wyodeseertrat, May 5, 2012.

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    Today i went to my favorite local gun shop and after about an hour of lookin at the hand guns, browsing and chatting with the owners. i started to fondle the M&P40s&wC which felt really nice. It felt like it had a light and short trigger pull. It felt good in my hands even with out the extended mag. But i didnt buy it since it didnt come with the every thing the full size does. Instead I bought the full size M&P 40s&w. For just $40 more it came withthe blade tech holster, 2 extra 15 round magizines, a open top double mag pouch and a speed loader.
    My questions to people that own this gun are as follows-whats the best night sights for it and is a crimson trace grip worth the price tag?

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