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    I need to clear out a few of the knives that I have and don't use.
    These knives are pretty much brand new and never used, I just buy them and store them like a crazy hoarder. The Trident was used for like a day and has a scratch in the black coating...but that's bound to happen anyhow.

    None of the other knives were ever used or even carried

    You can buy them individually at the prices shown (includes shipping), or buy the whole lot for $80 shipped ($40 savings!).

    CONUS only, paypal GIFT only. No trades at this time...

    Kershaw Zing 1735 - $25
    NRA Stone River Knife $12
    SanRenMu T21 - $12 (has bottle/can opener, cord cutter, and glass breaker!)
    CRKT M16-01KZ $25
    SanRenMu - $12 (has an awesome bottle opener on the blade)
    Sog TRIDENT $40



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