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Discussion in 'SA-XD/XD(M) Range Reports' started by j1999t, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Hey all, this is my first post, i joined about a week ago when i bought my XDM-40 olive drab/black pistol, this pistol is MY first pistol, but not the first i have shot...

    Went to the range with 300 rounds, only had 1 ftf, and that was when a friend of mine was using it...

    I cleaned the gun the day i got it (this past monday) and no problems...

    Dirty as hell today after a day at the range...

    only two problems i have are with the holsters that come with the gun, and changing the backstrap, but otherwise its an amazing gun
    the magazine holster is kinda annoying, having to take your belt off to put it on
    and the gun holster, i dont have a problem with it, just the fact that my jeans have little aluminum things that stick out and the side of the gun seems to scratch on the left side because of that...

    Otherwise, very reliable and well made weapon, i had one guy at the place i bought it say that glocks were better, but i knew they werent, so i got what i wanted and i couldnt be happier...

    Ill update after the next range day or so...

    1 question--

    1. how much is a 40S&W to 9mm conversion kit for the xdm-40 cost?



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    Welcome!! To help with the rolled pin for the backstraps you can buy a pin punch @ home depot. For the barrel you can buy one @ pistolgear.com. I think about $155 for barrel? I don't know about the Guride rod spring though, might have to buy a diff one. You will have to buy 9mm mags so you don't have to mod or screw up your .40 mags.


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