I think this guy might haved screwed up any early parole chances....

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    Westmoreland inmate threatens Judge Blahovec in letters
    By Stacey Federoff
    Friday, April 22, 2011
    An inmate at the Westmoreland County Prison wrote threatening letters to President Judge John Blahovec, promising to "cook his body and give him to pigs," police said. County detectives said Anthony Sandor, 19, of Jeannette wrote three letters to Blahovec on the back of court documents. Sandor told a correctional officer that he planned to kill Blahovec when the guard was collecting inmate mail on April 5, according to a criminal complaint. The guard seized the letters addressed to the judge.

    Sandor pleaded guilty on May 10 to stabbing a man in Jeannette on Oct. 5, 2009. Blahovec sentenced Sandor to nine to 23 months and ordered him into anger management treatment. Sandor was charged April 12 with retaliation against a judicial official and terroristic threats. Hempfield District Justice Mark Mansour set bond at $250,000. In an April 3 letter, Sandor threatened to kill Blahovec if he is not released, writing he would "burn your body and put your bone (sic) in a tree chipper and give you (sic) cooked flesh to blood thirsty pig's (sic)." Sandor enclosed a crudely drawn cartoon depicting a prone stick-figure with a thought bubble that says "I should have let you out." It shows a burning house and a round " blood-thirsty pig."

    In an April 5 letter, Sandor says he "lost everything" in jail and intends to take everything away from Blahovec. On April 5, Sandor apologized to the judge in a third letter. "I was mad and was not thinking about the consacenses (sic) of my actions," he wrote. Sandor wrote that he was "starting to lose my mind." He asked for forgiveness. When detectives Richard Kranitz and Paul Burkey interviewed Sandor on April 6, he repeatedly said he was going to kill Blahovec and feed him to pigs, Kranitz wrote in an affidavit. "Sandor advised us to take the 'sorry letter' and flush it because it means nothing," Kranitz wrote. "Sandor said that he might say he is sorry, but he is not. If he ever got a chance to shake Judge Blahovec's hand, he would stick a knife through it."

    Sandor told Kranitz "he just wants to get out so he could fulfill his lifelong dream of being a mass murderer" and that "he feels great when he's thinking about killing people and it felt great when he stabbed" his 2009 victim. Ashton Dawson said he and another man were walking on South Sixth Street in Jeannette when Sandor came from the other direction carrying a knife, court records show. Police said Sandor stabbed Dawson on the left forearm, causing a small puncture wound.

    Sandor is bipolar and has attention deficit hyperactive disorder, he said in a court document. He told detectives he had been in various treatment programs since he was 12. Sandor, who has been prescribed two medications to treat mania and depression, told detectives he skips them and sells them to other inmates, Kranitz said.

    Dina Sandor told WPXI-TV that her son has mental health problems and the mental capacity of a 13- or 14-year-old. She said he wrote the letters out of frustration. "I think he's doing that because he feels like no one is listening to him," she said. "The only way he knows is to act out because he lets his anger take over him." She said her son was working with different mental health services to live independently before the stabbing. "Everybody thinks he's a functioning, normal adult, but he's not," she said. "He needs support, he needs family." A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 27 before Mansour.


    Nine-to-twenty-three months... ummm.... okay then.
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    Wonder what's gonna happen to him.

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