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    Hello XDtalk,
    I am new to these forums but thought I'd post this up for your enjoyment. We all love the smell of Hoppes No. 9 Solvent! Hoppes makes an air freshener, but that doesn't last and is expensive just to have the smell for a little while...

    Protip: small glass dish meant for candle warmer + candle/oil warmer + small amount of Hoppes No. 9 = Smells like a gun nut's heaven.

    Turn warmer off when you leave for the range, and back on when you're done cleaning your XD or XDm for a lasting aroma. Lasts for quite a while. When smell runs out, simply empty dish and put some more in. Doesn't need hardly any to fill a room with that great smell!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention to do this with good ventilation and not to leave it on for more than about 40 minutes. The residual heat from the dish will keep the smell alive for hours but don't leave it on for that long, the smell will change as it gets too hot and not be quite as pleasant.
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