Help please. Savage Model 187S .22 wont load!!

Discussion in 'Other Long Gun Talk' started by TRH, Aug 5, 2012.

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    OK, I have an extremely old .22 made by savage. Its a Model 187S. Its actually my fiance's father's gun. I took it down to clean it because it really needed a good cleaning. Looked like its been decades since it last cleaning. After reassembling what I broke down, I went to test fire it and I pull the charging handle and nothing happens. Last time I shot it, which was a few weeks ago, it did fine. I took it back apart and looked at it to determine why this happens and I think i may be a spring issue, but everything looks to be in place. If I pull the charging handle back and insert a small screwdriver in, I can help the round back by pulling on it, after doing so, it was chambered. I didnt fire it though, but the extractor worked but the following round wouldnt chamber either. This is very frustrating. Any ideas guys?

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