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    Found a range that allows outside ammo, targets & adjustable pistol target distances. The English Pit. East of I-205 on the WA side of the river. A fantastic first range experience! It was packed, but we (my bro-in-law & I) got lames pretty quickly at every range we went to. They have, from left to right, 25yd pistol range, 50yd rimfire rifle, 100yd center fire, 50yd center fire, they list a 25yd center fire but I didn't see it (might have been around the way from 50yd center fire).

    We started out on 100yd with our 30-06s, only brought two boxes so that didn't last long. Went & sat in line for a pistol lane, about a 20min wait. Folks said Sunday has become a very busy day recently.

    We set up our pistol lane at about 10yd, a bit far for H.D. practice but in my house its a feasible possibility. We had to share my XDm 9mm 3.8" & my borrowed s&w .357 magnum revolver. We took turns shooting two full mags in the XDm for 3 sets each. Then ran through a 50rnd box of 124gr .357mag, two more sets of 9mm, then another half box of .357... What a day!

    Being a first time at an official range for both of us, we relied on range staff & patrons to help us get a feel for the flow of things, both groups were very easy going & friendly. We have both shot casually in the woods, primitive ranges in our hunting area, but never at close targets like today. We didn't approach this as a play day in the woods, we paid for entry so I guess that helps lol. We both did very respectably I think, 6-8" groupings at 10yds with the 9mm. The .357mag is a very different beast, that was more of an intermission for the brain I think. We had fun with that one. Its a good conversation piece, the onlookers all stopped to watch whenever either of us picked it up.

    After a 4hr day at the range he is sold & buying an XDm just like mine! And we will both be returning to the English Pit anytime we are after a trip to the range.


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