Got to shoot my first CETME

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    Went out with my boys and one of my youger boys' friends and his grandpa one Sunday afternoon. The other guy had a CETME that he let me and my youngest boy shoot. :cool: My older boy didn't want to shoot it. :confused: He's a little recoil sensitive, and I tried very hard to get him to shoot it (if nothing else, just for the experience of it), but he never did. Oh well. At least I know he doesn't succumb to peer rpessure easily.

    We had my boy's friend shooting the 20ga shotgun. He wants to buy one, and was curious how it felt to shoot one, so we let him shoot the youth 20.

    He let me shot hi Charles Daly Hi-Power clone and I let him shoot my XD. I liked the CETME, and so did my boy, but I think I will get my AR-10 first.

    Here is a pic of some of the toys.


    When we first got to the lake, we heard some other people shooting as well. One group was across the lake, and the other was obviously down the path. I went to make sure that everybody knew where everybody else was. I saw a grandfather with his son, and two gransdsons out for a first (or very low number time out) shooting. The kids were 5 & 7. We talked for a minute or so, and told them that when they leave, they needed to stop by and I would let the boys shoot some 22s out of the 22/45 I brought along. They had along an air rifle and (it looked like) a Cricket.

    Both boys were kind of hesitant, but they both got to shoot one mag through it. Their dad helped the youngest boy. The bowling pins never stood a chance. The older boy went 10/10 shooting the bowling pins.

    It was a fun day. That CETME was fun! Even my 11 yr old thinks we need to get one,........ or 12. :D

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