Carver mounts for open (and the thumbrest)

Discussion in 'Gun Games: Shooting Competition' started by tnek, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I have a new 5.25 9 that I'm planning on using to replace my CC Tactical for multi gun.
    I shoot open since I shoot a Saiga and will be using my Akdal next season. Anyway I decided WTF. Might as well see how a dot on this works. I tried a FastFire a few years back on a slide mount but didn't like it on a Tactical I had previously. The MOA is to small and it obviously is hard, IMO, to keep the dot on target.

    I have a new Carver package with mount, C-more, and racker inbound. I have not coughed up the money for the holster yet as I want to evaluate it and leave myself wiggle room to sell the mount if I dint like it.
    The mount looks first rate from the pics and the C-more is a known product. I am also curious about the thumb rest but thats a next step thing.

    IS there ANYONE who actually has and uses one here? I know the glock shooters have them and I would even take their feedback since its a similar application.

    This is a inexpensive way to go to a frame mounted dot on this platform. Actually the only way I know of.

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