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    I am going to list this here for a couple days before I list it on ebay. I am also posting this same add in the non-XD accessories since it fits a bunch of different handguns

    I am getting rid of one of my holsters. It is a Bianchi AccuMold adjustable paddle holster for the XD9/40. It is adjustable for both cant and ride hight. It can be set for either strong-side or weak-side carry. All adjustments are made via 2 hex head screws on the back.

    I am asking $30 to your door.

    Here is what Bianchi says about it as well as a list of handguns that it will fit and some pics with my XD40sc in it and empty:

    Model 7500

    AccuMold® Thumbsnap Paddle Holster

    Offering a wide range of adjustability for cant and draw height, this design allows you to position the holster where it’s most comfortable and accessible. It keeps the holster and firearm close to the body and the non-slip diamond-cut neoprene lining provides exceptional stability without sacrificing comfort.


    -Easy on/off convenience
    -Exclusive, injection molded non-slip paddle
    -Paddle design offers virtually limitless range of cant, permitting both strongside and cross draw carry
    -Adjustable for various carry heights on the waist/hip
    -AccuMold® trilaminate construction: ballistic weave fabric exterior, high-density, closed-cell foam center Coptex™ inner lining provides a smooth draw
    -Diamond cut mesh lined hip plate eliminates slippage
    -Closed muzzle

    It is a Size 13 which Bianchi lists as not only for the XD9 & XD40, but also for all the other handguns listed below.

    GLOCK 17, 20, 21, 22
    Ruger P89, P90, P91, KP97D
    S&W SW9F, SW40F, SW40V
    Sig Sauer P220, P220R, P226, P226R, P245, SP2009, SP2340
    Springfield XD-9, XD-40

    The Pics:


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