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Discussion in 'M1911' started by norbs, Feb 8, 2012.

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    So I posted a range report of my ATI Titan the 3.12 bull not to long ago. I saw it in the gun store and figured why not... After shooting about 600 rounds I learned why not.

    Now there are some important facts about the current version of the Titan that you must know if your thinking about buying it.

    First and the most important is the issue of the recoil spring assembly. 99% of these weapons will have problems with the recoil assembly within the first 500 rounds, most sooner. The issue is that the metal is weak and bends, also they use a screw in there system to hold it together. Well this screw turns itself out (even with locktite) and mars up the inside of your weapon. This is a easy fix, you can simply spend 30$ and buy a OEM Colt defender replacement recoil spring assembly and it will fix your issue 100%.

    Second, is the ejector and extractor. The extractor will most likely be out of tune and the ejector is not shapped correct to push the bass from the weapon in the direction you want it to. Expect 1 out of 10 shells to hit you hard square in the face. To correct this follow ejector guides to shape it correctly, or replace it for a quality part.

    Third..and the biggest issue of all...weak metal. For some reason this metal used to make the Titan is simply not hard enough. After only 250 you will notice bad scaring on the breach face and walls from ejected brass, malled metal were the recoil springs ride, and after about 700 rounds expect a cracked bushing. The metal quality on this weapon does not match Springfields, kimbers, or Rocks... You have to see it to believe how weak the metal really is.

    Fourth, after about 1,000 to 1,500 rounds expect one or both of your safety to stop working. (again, weak metal used to make sear and dis.)

    You may all be thinking.. you just got a dud... Well maybe... But after these problems started to happen I did alittle looking around... These events seem to happen in order for a ton of people.

    I am red in the face.. When I got this weapon, and shot it I simply fell in love. I said to myself "I just got a Colt Defender for 400bucks"... My advice fokes.. stand clear of ATIs 1911s when there is something like Rock Islands on the market.

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