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    Both are online merchants selling, among other things, AK parts and stuff. I wanted to make sure everyone knows how professional these two vendors are.

    I ordered some stuff from AK Builder and paid the $25 rush order fee in hopes of getting my items in time for the AK build party I'm attending this weekend. I ordered on a Saturday, he shipped Monday morning. There were two items missing from my order when I received the package, and now Curtis @ AK Builder is overnighting them to me so I can receive them tomorrow. No questions asked. All email inquiries were answered within 12 hours, sometimes within minutes. That is service right there.

    I'll be using his flats and rivets, which come highly recommended. Visit Curtis' online store here: AK-Builder.com

    Next up is Red Star Arms/Power Custom. I ordered with them on Sunday and mentioned that I was hopeful to receive the items in time for the build party. I received my stuff on Wednesday. :shock: You can visit them here: Red Star Arms Inc.

    Thanks to these two fine vendors, I hope to be sporting two Romy G AKs come Sunday.


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