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    Garrett Industries Is a custom holster and tactical equipment shop. We feature the Silent Thunder line of Holsters as well as some of the finest custom leather holsters available. Quality, durability, comfort, and concealment are engineered into all of our products. Our past customers are responsible for some of the features you find in our current products. If you've got a suggestion to make our stuff better, we're going to listen! Our computerized laser cutting equipment, and hand molding techniques, allow us to customize your order with very little delay.

    Silent Thunder holsters are unlike any other. We realized, upon entering the holster business, the best materials for a holster were finished leather on the inside (protects your firearm's finish better than anything else) and Kydex on the outside (because of it's superior retention and durability). We were told that it was impossible to bond these two mediums. Many had tried, but all had failed miserably. Well, Ron took that as a challenge, and perfected a process for binding leather to Kydex.

    Finished leather(smooth out) vs. Unfinished(rough out)

    Finished leather is easy to clean, will not attract dirt (which is abrasive to your firearm's finish), and doesn't wick oil from your gun. Unfinished leather is...well isn't any of those things...

    Kydex - We use a heavy grade Kydex for molding our holsters, and an even thicker grade for our clips and mounts. In four years, we've never had a holster come back to us because the Kydex broke. We have replaced a handful of IWB clips, but there is usually a pretty entertaining story that accompanies the clip to be replaced. See our warranty information if you have any doubts. Also, you'll notice our Silent Thunder IWB holsters have smooth rounded edges...anything else is like putting a brick in your pants.

    When you're ready to treat yourself and your firearm, look to GIHolsters and Silent Thunder.

    Of course, we're not just a Kydex shop. We've been making leather holsters for four years too. We are currently adding options for some exotic leathers to be used primarily as contrast panels on our popular American Heritage Holster. Check with us if there is something special you are looking for.
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