5.25 comp, XD9SC, and LCP range day

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    Took the 5.25 out for the second time yesterday and put 100 rounds through it. The first time I took it out I liked it but wasnt super impressed.
    I couldnt tell you how many times I've had the 9SC out, thousands of rounds through it
    I rarely shoot the LCP, maybe 100 rounds total in 3 years
    I took a bundle of the 3" Shoot and C's and put 3 rows of 3 on large paper targets
    I usually shoot in my backyard, but it has been raining and I have an indoor range 5 minutes from my house

    I'll start with LCP, ridiculous tiny sights, at 5 yards it was 6 inches low every shot. I know thats my compensation point, as this is pretty much always in my back pocket. Its an 'in your face' type of defense at best

    5.25 was shot at 7 and 10 yards, and man!, night and day difference from the first time I shot it. I was shooting low and left on the first outing and I knew why. I focused on fixing that yesterday and still had a little low and left but pretty much all on the 3" target at 7 and 10, with nice tight little groups. Starting to really like this gun and it can only get better. Factory sight setting are dead on. I may look into a trigger upgrade to get rid of the small amount of creep before trigger engagement, but I'm going to give that some time to break in.

    Target from 5.25, ranging from 7-10 yards

    XD9SC was shot first at 5 yards, and was spot on. I love this gun. At 7 and 10, it was wandering a little, definitely not as tight as the 5.25. I put 100 rounds through this too.

    XDSC target from 7-10, looser than the xdm but decent for 3" barrel

    In summary, neither Xd disappointed me. I ran WWB, Federal bulk, BVAC, and a box of hornady through them and honestly could tell no difference in accuracy. Each type of ammo locked the slides back fine, zero malfunctions at all. Actually I have never had a malfunction with the XDSC, even when it was pretty damned dirty, it kept on chugging. This is only 300 so far with the 5.25 with zero malfunctions, and based on the other 3 XDs and XDMs I have had, I expect no failures.

    Now just waiting for my Rainier RUC to get here:cool:

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