357 Sig EFK Fire Draggon barrel came in today for XC .40 Subcompact

Discussion in 'Springfield XD/XD(M) Range Reports' started by KW Gary M, Apr 8, 2017.

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    My EFK Fire Draggon 357 Sig came in today's mail and was at the range an hour later. One of the many advantages of the range being 5 minutes from the house.

    Shot 100 rounds, 50 Speer Lawman 125 grain and 50 S&B 140 grain. So far I love the round. It had a little kick to it but no different than a .40 loaded hot. The S&B were more accurate for me and the 9 rounds (1 magazine) I ran through the Chronograph averaged 1,343 FPS which is pretty fast from a 3" barrel. The Lawman average of 9 shots was 1,308 FPS. Did several double taps with both ammo's and they were within 3 inches of each other at 7 yards. Not great but not bad. With more practice and getting used to the round I am sure they will get better. Unloaded one full magazine of S&B as fast as I could bull the trigger. There was about a 5-6 inch spread but all stayed in the center mass area. I did a 5 shot rapid fire with the Lawman and the pattern was about the same as the S&B.

    Looking forward to more practice and deciding on a carry ammo. As of now I am leaning toward Underwoon 125 grain bonded or Cor Bon 125 grain.

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