22LR Conversion for SIG226SCT - First Impressions

Discussion in 'Non-XD Handguns' started by Cupsz71, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Well I took the time this wk and spent a little of our income tax return on a new 22lr Conversion Kit for my SIGSauer 226SCT and an extra mag. ($325)

    After a good initial cleaning/lubing (Shooter's Choice Synth Grease) I had a chance to take it to the range last Monday night and put 200rnds of CCI 40grn 22LR thru it. (SIG recommended)

    Now initally the "break-in" was a little disconcerning - due to that I physically had to push the slide forward with my thumb about 1/2" for the return spring to have enough "oomph" to strip a round off the mag and close the breach.
    It appeared that the slide irself was getting "hung-up" on the very tip of the hammer face? - That and about 4 FTF's per 10rnd mag and that's pretty much how the 1st 100rnds went.

    Now I understand break-in quirks and getting a feel for how this set-up was going to work, but needless to say I was becomming disappointed.
    UNTIL- (I got a wee bit cranky.....) & rapid fired 2 fully loaded mags in succession. FLAWLESS!?!?! Not one FTF or slide sticking - Not 1 issue.
    AND The next 80rnds - smoooth....and accurate 1" groupings at 12yrds.

    The only other observation I took note of when I field stripped the gun for cleaning was the VERY obvious frame rail wear. - WOW? The 22 slide sure polished up a few areas that the stock 9mm one never touched. So much so.. the red Shooter's Choice grease/lube was now a milky light grey?

    SO I switched to a little tube of SIG grease I picked up and IMHP may have "over-greased" it.... to cut down ony any MORE significant wear. I'll see on my next trip to the range.

    Soooo.... overall I'm pleased it seems to work and is a pretty accurate shooter. ON the hmmmmm.... side - I'l be watching the frame wear like a hawk.

    Ideas? Opinions? Tips?

    Thanks all - had to share & I'll post some pics. :cool:

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