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DFW, Texas

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XDTalk 1K Member, from DFW, Texas

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Dec 15, 2014
    1. BritOnTour
      Sorry I didnt reply earlier. still trying to clear the night out with the wife!! I now know I have to check your Visitor Messages page for replies. Maybe PM's would be easier!
    2. TCS_XDM
      Here is how the score sheet looks. Im TJ M at the bottom of Race but actually that day I wasn't supposed to be in the race division. but I dont really care because I rank myself against everyone. Not just my division. I like to pick out my friends and say hey I beat you here you beat me there I won overall ha ha ha kind of thing. Race gear gives you small advantages but not big ones. Ryan W. who has won almost every match I have been to will win no matter what he uses. hahahaha. He started down stacking his magazines to 10 rounds and took his magwell off so he can practice for production class USPSA. He still kicks my but.
    3. TCS_XDM
      Just a story about the kind of people I shoot with. Yesterday I was at a steel match and a guy was shooting a 1911 that started to double fire slipping into full auto. 1911s can do that (although uncommon) if you get custom trigger jobs and the sear breaks. So he had to be DQed and it wasn't his fault and we didn't want to. So we went and got him a gun from a guys truck, a holster, bullets, people donated everything he needed to finish the match. There are no prizes in our competitions other then bragging rights. The purpose is self enrichment, to become a more competent shooter.
    4. TCS_XDM
      Actually because the last one was rained out there will be a match on the 14th and 21st. Since your new you really need to be there at 630 instead of 7 so they can go over the rules most all of which are really based on safety.

      Most important things: Gun, Eye pro, Ear pro, Holster, 3 magazines or enough to hold 30+ rounds, 150 rounds of what ever bullets you shoot, $25 fee for the match (they normally have an annual membership fee of $10 but Ill see if I can talk them into letting you try it to see if you like it before you have to pay that.)

      You can use your CC holster and that will put you in the concealed carry group however Ill say the CC group is just as competitive as the normal group but smaller just another option. Ill see if I can find a link to our last match score sheet so you can see how it looks.
      Things I have you might want to borrow, Extra Mags for an XDM, Mag carrier, Electronic Ear Pro, bug spray (sometimes the mosquitoes come out at night.
    5. BritOnTour
      Thanks for the info. This is strange, after I posted my comment on the 24th, this is the first time I have seen either of the two replies from you, even though they are dated 24th & 25th!!

      So, TCS has a competition every other Thursday evening. Ok, I will see if i can attend the next one on the 21st. Just need to clear it with the wife! Are you there for every one?

      I have the standard kit from SA for gun holster and magazine holster. I also have an IWB/OWB leather holster. Would they work? I'm thinking the SA holsters would be my best option. I have all the other stuff too.
    6. TCS_XDM
      A gun, enough mags to hold 30+ rounds, a holster, Ear/Eye Pro. Magazine holsters are helpful but not necessary they will let you draw your magazines from a pocket but its a pain in the butt. normally Ill bring 200 rounds but I doubt I have ever used over 120. 4 stages under 30 rounds each but I love to take make up shots.
    7. TCS_XDM
      I was at elm fork today for a competition. If your on Facebook here is the facebook site that talks about most of the competitions in the area. No one really talks about IDPA because a lot of the members were burned by some of the people running it and now refuse to go there.!/groups/216416328453963/282497488512513/?notif_t=group_activity


      Tactical Pistol Shooting Dallas, TX | Texas Combat Shooters

      Also I will be shooting in the games of Ladonia Saturday but its full.


      Other good groups I have heard of are Dallas Pistol Club and Dallas Action Pistol Shooters. I haven't shot with them because I really like the Texas Combat Shooters group we have.
    8. BritOnTour
      Hi, well, I have my pistol now. I checked the Elm fork website but could not see any information on competitions. How do you find out when they are?

      What other equipment will I need? Extra Magazines? How much ammo?
    9. BritOnTour
      Thanks for the invite, but I dont have a firearm yet. Definitely want to go at some point though. I will be in touch!
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    1911 custom built was at some point Springfield
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