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May 26, 2016 at 1:28 PM
Nov 2, 2010
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Farmersville, TX.
videoconference networking

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N.E. Tx.XD

XDTalk 10K Member, from Farmersville, TX.

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May 26, 2016 at 1:28 PM
    1. Nacho Man
      Nacho Man
      Thanks man.
    2. Poneill.45
      Thanks for adding me!
    3. tbones54
      I gave 569.99 from Cabelas plus tax but I had 9 dollars on my club points so 560.99 plus tax
    4. Soldiernurse
      Thx for the kind greeting. Yea, love my scXD. My scGlock is thick but I can see how it would fit different into a CBST than my XD with such a wide trigger guard, so to speak.
    5. Dallas852
      Lol, sounds good, I'm always down to help a fellow XD owner out, especially if I can shoot on their land. You have any people hunt dove on your land? I've wanted to get back into that, but haven't found a place yet.

      Looking to get my CHL this year, so I want to find somewhere to shoot that is cheap. Need a few more practice rounds before I can take the test.
    6. N.E. Tx.XD
      N.E. Tx.XD
      TeXJ- Dude, thanks for the invite. And thank you for thinking about me, but I can't make. I am into busy "busy" season. Am a HS and peewee football official, and I will be on the field ALL day long on Sat. My season should be wrapping up about a week before Thanksgiving, so keep sending the invites, I appreciate it.
    7. TeXJ
      Hey decided to go shooting this weekend. same place as last time. If ya need directions let me know. Going to do it on Sat around 130 or 2, I have a meeting in the morning.
    8. dave2
      N.E. Tx.XD,
      I took your advice and subscribed to the group. I need to find somewhere to shoot and someone to shoot with. And I need to get ear and eye protection.


    9. Alpha_Q
      Where is farmersville? lol it sounds familiar
    10. TeXJ
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    Farmersville, TX.
    videoconference networking
    X- Army Airborne, 40 Something white guy. on the rat's wheel of life.


    Be Quick or Be Dead.

    "So...they say you have a monster? A curse upon this land?? I am ripper, tearer, slasher, gouger. I am the teeth in the darkness, the challenge in the night. Mine is strength, and lust and power. I am Beowulf!"- Anglo-Saxon Nowell Codex

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