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May 11, 2016
    1. secret.squirrel
      how heavy of springs do you use for 10 mm and 45 acp glocks?
    2. Johnny661
      Regarding your Sidearmor IWB holster, did you have to get the opposite belt attachment to get the correct cant angle for the cross draw?
    3. Mercmar
      Haven't received any Precision Delta bullets yet, but have loaded a lot of plated and jacketed bullets. I prefer AA#5 powder for both 9mm and .45ACP reloading. I generally reload at close to the max loads recommended by the powder manufacturers.
    4. dds51968
      regarding the precision delta bullets, are you using the plated ones? if so, what are your target load recipes like for 9mm and .45? I am new to reloading ad I will be using these for my first go round, W231 powder, winchester primers and mixed headstamp brass. My reloading will be for target only, so any help you could offer woud be great. I contacted precision Delta and they stated the try to replicate Winchester Ammo, but that still leaves me in the dark a little. I have a Lyman manual and Lee as well when checking Winchester's site they don't have recipes for FMJ, just JHP and lead.
      So with that said your help wouldn't hurt, I will be reloading for an XDM 9, a XD 9sc
      and an XD .45 service model.

      Thanks for anything you can tell me, take care.
    5. mongoose33
      Never mind, i finally found it. Was searching for "X" and "die" when what I should have been searching for was "x-die". Go figure.

      Found some stuff on the RCBS site about it, too.
    6. mongoose33
      Can't send this the normal way, so it's through visitor message I do it.

      I've been trying to streamline my .223 case prep and reloading, and recall your post which indicated this:

      "I use the RCBS X die for loading my .223 for my AR. After the initial trimming, you won't have to trim anymore. "

      I looked on Midway to find this die, and I can't tell what it is specifically. Sounds like something I want to get. Can you point me in the right direction?

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