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May 7, 2006
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Oct 23, 2014
    1. Addicted2Breathing
      Hello, I saw your post about the compensator minus the scallop and I am very interested. I am looking for one for a XD-40
    2. Triton225
      Looking for some xd .45 mags Do you have any currently?
    3. vash_241987
      thanks scott
    4. vash_241987
      Got a question on a setting up a open division xdm9 for Major9 or minor9. I plan on sending in my xdm 9 to you (when money permits) and on top of a trigger job, clean up fitted barrel and a creakote job on the slide and comp, I'd like to get the slanted slide cut, so my question is since the slide is going to be lighter what kinda of springs should I get for each power factor resectfully? I'd like to see if I'd like minor before venturing into major. I know the drawbacks of minor scoring, but maybe I can get away with softer loads ;) Thanks for the help scott
    5. jst4kix
      Hi Scott,

      Steve Taylor here. Got the pics of my pistols from Christine the other day. Things look like they're shaping up nicely. Saw you were online and wanted to drop you a note. Christine mentioned you were moving offices this past week - congratulations on your expansion! I hope things are going well for you and yours. If you're going to be available tomorrow, drop me an e-mail at and let me know when a good time (eastern) to call you would be. I've been thinking about my pistol projects and want to run a few thought by you, including switching the slides / barrels on the two pistols to have two "bi-tone" XDm's (black and SS & OD and black), but I don't know if this is possible since they've already been custom fitted. Anyway, it's not super-important, but if you've got 15 minutes to chat, just let me know when and what number to reach you at and I'll give you a ring.

    6. Solhays85
      Thank you very much sir.
    7. Solhays85
      Quick question, how do you mount the new comps on the XDm?
    8. syk_puppy
      I've got a new Xdsc that I want to send to you for a trigger job, sights, mag release, and polishing. It still has all the factory oil on it, so do I need to do anything first before I send it to you? Also what excactly does the factory cleanup have for benefits? Thanks for any info and cant wait to enjoy the appearant great work you do. Thank you Ryan Scott
    9. romanleader
      I measured from the frame and it shows over .200, so was curious how that measured up to their regs?
    10. romanleader
      I just bought a ext mag release from you, is it IDPA legal?
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