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Jan 7, 2014
Mar 2, 2001
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Super Moderator, from Seattle, WA

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Jan 7, 2014
    1. NateLeit226
    2. PhxAz XD9
      PhxAz XD9
      Hey bro. Contacting you cuz to me this is your site still... I've been a member here for over a couple years and don't have san OLD TIMER banner or anything else. What's a fella gotta do? Can you hook me up bro? Thanks for your help always.
    3. orleanfire
      no posts in almost a year, I hope everything is ok boss!
    4. firemedic309
      Hello, I have been lurking here for awhile but now I am unable to post. I was trying to buy a gun from a post but can not post myself. Can you help. thanks randy
    5. acergy09
      hi kermee,I'm neil from Philippines,we have our own local forum for gun enthusiast in our country,and we have a separate thread for HS/XD/XDM owner...I will ask a favor if it's possible to copy and paste to our thread the FAQ about HS/XD/XDM from XDtalk...I hope for your kind and consideration regarding this matter...your feedback will highly appreciated....thanks again bro Kermee,and stay safe always...

      have a nice day,
      ninoneil jimenez -
    6. Spydered

      What are the possibilities of being a site supporter at this point? Who do I talk to? Thanks...Hope all is good with you...:)
    7. GaDawg

      You and me both have has some hard times this last year. Hopefully 2010 will be better for everyone.

      My wife has a website for her business that we contract a html guy for. I would love to throw some money your way when she needs to update it occasionally.

      It wont be much. Its not a big site. Just thought I would send some web work your way.

      Thanks for all you did with XD Talk.
    8. rueljr
      How do I get access to the Political Forum?
    9. jmichna
      Kermee, There is a problem with this thread:

      In response to Dhunter5555's post (Dhunter5555;2155892), I posted:

      Dhunter5555 wrote:
      Anyone else get a "computer attack was blocked" alert from their anti-virus when they viewed this page?

      jmichna wrote:
      Same here. A "Suspicious File" download was blocked. It was an Adobe pdf file intrusion, coming from "" (IP address

      Not sure what to make of it, but I'm going to ask a mod to look at the above info in my post and see if they have a handle on what is going on.

      The intrusion was blocked on my end by Norton AV (Systemworks 2006).
    10. ELECTRO
    11. GerryM
      HI ... say I have been trying for days to get my password reset .. I forgot it and am only to sign on at one place where I had the password saves as part of the sign on .. tried going to change it, but need current password to change it .... HELP!!!!
    12. Lantz
      Kermee I donated a few buck on the 15th of this month to become a Gold member

      I was wondering how long before I get the little Sponsor Avatar? I'm sure your a busy guy so sorry if I seem pushy just wondering.
    13. bigfatredneck
      I apologize for placing my most recent thread incorrectly. I'll learm the differnet forums shortly. BFR
    14. Paparock
      How do you get to enter the political section.
    15. Bowhntr6pt
      Is there a reason why I can not post pics to a thread? When I hit the ICON for posting a pic, nothing happens. All I can do is post a link to the photograph.
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    Seattle, WA


    -Kermee, Seattle, WA

    Proverbs 3:5-7 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil."
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