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Apr 1, 2015 at 9:57 PM
    1. JoeOU1
      First off, congrats on the choice of the GC NN. I have 4 Guncrafters, well, I will have 4 as soon as the CCO NN is done in the next month. If you haven't placed the order yet, I highly recommend that you give Dave Cote of DRC Firearms a call. 615-289-9038. He's GC's biggest dealer and can get you the very best price on one. I have a fullsize NN in stainless, commander in hardchrome, CCO in hardchrome and a Model 1 in .50GI in hardchrome. They are as well built as any custom 1911 out there. Alex is a fanatic on detail and his guns are top notch. Hope this helps. If you need more info, let me know. :)
    2. motodan00
      I was hoping to get your feedback on a Guncrafter No Name. I'll be ordering a No Name tomorrow. I've seen that you have a couple Guncrafters, I thought I would inquiry to see if you had any suggestion or feedback to offer me before placing my order. I was looking at doing the standard full size pistol. I would appreciate anything you have to say or offer.
      Thanks for your time,
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    XD45, XDm9, SACS EMP 9 in Ion Bond, SACS Stainless TRP, early hardchromed TRP, hardchromed TRP Champion :D
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