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Apr 15, 2011
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XDTalk 1K Member, from Illinois

Huski92 was last seen:
May 24, 2017 at 12:26 PM
    1. JrBiem691
    2. R7Tac
      Thanks John, it was nice doing business with you too
    3. 8KCAB
      Sorry I never saw this message. I am all set though. Thanks!
    4. Huski92
      Thanks for the head up James. Still trying to get my wife to let me send in her 3.8 so you can give it an upgrade! Stay Safe.
    5. ajamesp51
      On your end you can be extremely public there is nothing to hide. Since you have shown interest I can tell you I would recommend you pay a visit to you local lodge. There are two types of Masons active and non active, your friend may not be an active participant in the day to day lodge. There is nothing wrong with that but visiting the lodge is a great way to meet other local masons. In my area on our lodge night we have dinner and every one is invited.
    6. JrBiem691
      If you do a google search for "Springfield Trp" you can see the stock ones and a search for "larry davidson sunburst grips" should show you that pattern. I am unfortunately stuck at work until 4am.
    7. Huski92
      Sent the info via email
    8. rdrage73
      I sent you an email requesting address to ship. You can either reply to the email or PM it to me.
    9. rdrage73
      Well sending Paypal just makes it easier and protects you.
      log into your account
      click on send money tab ( upper tabs)
      type in my email (
      check gift under Personal tab
      add the shipping address to the "add message/comment" section
      that's it.
      It'll then send me a confirmation email and I will ship them out asap via USPS.
    10. rdrage73
      I can send them out to you for $5 via USPS First class. You can Paypal me at Please send as gift so I don't have to pay fees for it.
      I included a pic of them. If you look at the bottom grip in the pic, there appears to be a small darker dot. That is actually a indentation from, I'm assuming, the original owner. It's not that deep and should sand out but I don't know if it'll show in the finish you plan on using.
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