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Sep 29, 2011
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Springfield, IL
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Dec 17, 2014 at 10:39 PM
    1. Chicago2VP71
      Oh helpdesk where have thou been?
    2. SonOfLiberty
      Is your inbox full?
    3. curby_13
      Trevor how far you live from Chicago?
    4. MrStarofDavid
      So whats new dude? Hey got Lalaine some 5.11 tactical pants.. they were like 45 bucks!
    5. magggg
      I am looking for a broken shell extractor for my 5.45 x 39. When does a member have "good standing" to request/start thread an item in wanted section?
    6. RONIN 45acp
      RONIN 45acp
      Thanks for the link Bratha, but I really don't want to buy a whole box full of these then find out the idea won't work, lol... I was hoping to buy like 4 or 5 off someone here so I can experiment with them; that way, I will have little invested if I can't make my idea for them work. ;)
    7. RONIN 45acp
      RONIN 45acp
      Yes please! You are the man Helpdesk9! I will PM you my address!
    8. miller787
      thank you but she doesnt look like that any more she is all grown now at 60-65 pounds of muscle
    9. WarLord
      lol maybe, I got mine from Illinois carry .com
    10. dw32005
      Yeah a 10mm is on my list of something I wouldn't mind having down the road, I've got a few 9mm's a .45 and a .38.
    11. dw32005
      Ya should holler at me sometime, ve got a few guns and if you wanna try some differant stuff out. I'm always up for a range trip.
    12. dw32005
      Ya, i live out in the country so i usually just shoot out here, but with all the woods its hard to shoot any farther then 200 yards or so. But i do enjoy going to the range on the colder days still. My problem with going there is im always running in there before they start a league or something, so its my fault but i've never had that problem at siddens. Have you ever done any of their shooting leagues out there at bullet express?
    13. dw32005
      Its an indoor pistol range. Its about 5 minutes outside of rochester in a town called buckhart. I actually like it better then bullet express they're cheaper and pretty good people too. I like that it isn't very crowded ever either. I would love to find a good out door range half way close.
    14. dw32005
      Ya, i've been there once to the pistol range and another time to the rifle range. Have you ever shot at siddens in buckhart?
    15. MrStarofDavid
      Awesome! Hope everything went well, placed a comment on your facebook. I saw your info.. Dude my bdays on the 8 of march, we are litterally the same age just days apart... Thought that was cool. anywho I just bought a new holster from my xdm, Its a safariland holster, really comfortable.
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