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Jun 27, 2017 at 2:10 PM
    1. fredj338
      Hey Tim, your mag box is going to dictate OAL as much as the rifling, it must fit the gun. So my own M700 willa ccpet 2.810" max & that is what I load for.
      You are correct, the closer to the rifling the higher the vel. It's why we always have to do load workusp for individual guns, regardless of the data you use. I find starting data almost worthless, so when I do workups, I use avg middle data from 2-3 sources. Then load in 0.2gr increments for 308 size rds. Stop at avg max data or when you see pressure signs. In a bolt gun; stiff bolt lift, case head markings from the bolt face & flattened primers. Any of those signs & you are already over pressure & nned to back off back to the next 0.2gr increment. Go ahead & e-mail me direct if you like, it's easier than replying on the forum.
      regards, fredj
    2. RetiredFCC
      Hi fredj338.
      I need some of your advice...

      I'm just starting to reload for a Rem Model 700 in .308. I made a "dummy" case so I could check my rifle for C.O.L with different bullets. According to the dummy test, using a Hornady 168gr BTHP, I have an C.O.L. of 2.945". If I back it off .02" to get it off the rifling, I come up with 2.925". According to the reloading manuals (Hornady 4th edition) shows MAX C.O.L. of 2.800" and (Lyman 49th edition) a MAX OAL of 2.775". I know the round can be longer to better fit my gun but how will this affect the powder load? I read in one of your replies that a rifle bullet that is seated longer than the OAL in the manual creates a higher pressure. My question is how do I work up a load using the data in the manual and how do I determine a safe load to start? Reduce by how much, 10-20%? I appreciate your help on this matter and look forward to your reply. Thanks - Tim
    3. fredj338
      The press should come w/ one tool head & powder thru die. The conversion comes w/ the pwoder thru funnel/expander for stn #2 & the powder measure mounts to that.
    4. WidowMaker88
      Hey another quick question,
      The dillon die set has the: sizer/decap, seat, and crimp die. Now... the 550b has 4 stations to it? am I going to need to get a powder die and or station if I want to have a station on the press for it?
    5. fredj338
      Depends on bullet wts, but Unqiue runs 147gr 9mm great @ around 900fps in my G17/lw bbl, very accurate, total powder combustion. I would not choose Unique for light 115gr/9mm loads, but full pwoer or the 9mm 147gr, you are good to go. If I could only have one powder to load380 to 45colt, including the magnums, it would be Unique.
    6. Thefatgunner
      The 45 loads would probably be fuller power, I'm going to have to do some experimenting with powder loads obviously and will need to find something that works in both of my 1911's. My real worry was the lower end 9mm rounds for IDPA but i'm sure I can figure those out as well.
    7. fredj338
      Unique is about as universal a powder that you can use. It would not be my first choice for light 45acp, but near full power loads, perfect. It is tremendously accurate w/ lead bullets in any caliber. Lots of data for all the calibers using it too. The onyl gripe for many is it doesn't meter as smoothly as ball or spherical powders, btu I can still get 0.1gr accuracy in my RCBS or Dillon measures.
      regards, fredj
    8. Thefatgunner
      Hey fred I wanted to pick your brain about powders i'd like to use for my 9mm, 40 S&W, and .45 acp loads.

      I'm planning on using Missouri bullet company, cast 147 grain 9mm, 180 grain 40 S&W and 230 grain .45 acp.

      The powder I'd like to use is Unique, let me know what you think, O mixed head stamp with CCI primers.
    9. vash_241987
      Hey fred, looks like I'll be getting into reloading soon, still need to buy some calipers and a funnel and I'll be good for equipment. I posted in the ammo can about powder for a noob and alot of people refrenced you. I plan on starting out loading 9mm with 115gr. bullets, but I also plan on adding .38spl and .45ACP once i save up enough brass/ collect some from local indoor range. So what would a good powder for all three? I've looked through my manual and found a few that works for all three, but want to get your input. thanks in advance!
    10. Cranium
      Thanks for all the great advice you've provided!
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