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Mar 25, 2016
    1. AKC
      Looks pretty cool. I used to go to Green Park which is right there all the time. And 9th St. which is a BMX dirt jumping park is close by too. I used to ride out there a lot and dig. I know a lot of the locals.
    2. OldSchoolSkater
      Here's a link with aerial view of concept: Park Profile: Austin Recreation Center

      Google keywords and you'll get find latest construction photos of progress.
    3. AKC
      Yea there is a new one going in downtown at some point.
    4. OldSchoolSkater
      Thanks. I'll lookup Cedar Park. I also heard a new park in the making in Austin; House skate park or something like that. It's planning to open this year. Concept pics show one large flow bowl. It's for BMX too. Initial impression is it's too large for single rider, and thus bad because you might cross another's path as it'll most likely be used as a multi rider.

      Been in Austin for about a year. Was skating in McKinney,TX when living in Dallas before. But then totally blew out disks in back - injury not skate related.

      Anyways, been out of it for several years, but dreaming I'll do it again. Well, I have to lose the weight I've gained since my back injury. We'll see....
    5. AKC
      Mable Davis is pretty good for carving. Once you find the lines you won't have to do much kick turning. There's also a new park up North toward Cedar Park. I have not ridden that one yet but I hear it's fun.

      You just move here?
    6. OldSchoolSkater
      AKC, Hello.

      On the skate thread I noticed you are in Austin. What concrete parks have you been to in Austin? I see there's Mable Davis. What would you recommend for carving. I'm not into air and rather not have to kick turn if I don't have too.


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