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Birmingham, Al
Gun Mechanic

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Official Site Vendor, Male, from Birmingham, Al

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May 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM
    1. Gigantore
      Hey James. I need an RMR sight installed on my XD9. I also need my revolver refinished. Please give me a shout to discuss the particulars.
    2. Bozzy92ACTUAL
      Hi James,

      Just recently purchased an xd-s 9mm... And came across an xd-s that you did for UGADawgs here on xd talk and absolutely loved your work. Was curious how much it would cost me to have you KG Gunkote glossy Black Chrome the slide, and also install a set of TFO green on green? Also, how would I go about sending you this slide?

      Zach Boswell
      Kansas City, MO
    3. designman
      I am looking for a stock sight for a XD9. Please let me know if you have one. You were recommended by
      others on this site. My e-mail is s.fulmer@sbcglobal.net Thank you!
    4. LameDuck
      Hi James,
      Have you ever installed sights from speedsights.com on a XD(M) 5.25" competition model Springfield? If no, could you, or would you be willing to try? If yes, how much, if no but willing to try how much? I could send you some junk sights to play with and then send you my new sights and slide once you are able to confirm it is possible if that would be necessary.
    5. JesseP
      Hi james.
      I noticed -on a 3 year old post mind you, you can change front and rear sites on an XD for $20. I would like to have this done, i have some firesights. Do you still do this anymore? What do you charge nowadays and what is the turn around time?I'm in California, thanks
    6. abzxd
      Do you have any hk usp 45 night sights if you don't can you order so I can send my slide over to you.
    7. Sgt. Hugo
      Sgt. Hugo
      Hi James. I pretty much signed up to xdtalk to ask you about dura coating the slide of my xds. Is that something that you still offer? I followed the link below to arrange it but it isn't taking me there. I would love to do the pale gold I saw that you did for another customer.
      1. LameDuck
        You should consider an industrial grade self lubricating dupont teflon coating instead of dura coat paint. Same thing Les Baer uses.
        Apr 25, 2015
    8. gonefishin
      James. Ordered a Mag extension for my XD-s45, you guys recommend gunsmith install. Is the process the same as this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoGzER3EGqo
      If so, I will try then take to gunsmith if I have trouble.
      Any information is appreciated.
    9. ajamesp51
      I am hoping to have them done on Monday.
    10. bijou
      RE: Armorer's cup

      I'm in for two

      PM Me if you need a deposit

    11. ajamesp51
      To order a refinish:

      Use the drop down menu to choose the color you want

      Check out and use the special instructions and type in if you have any special notes.

      You will have the options to pay using Visa or MC on-line. Or when you check out use the "Print & Call" method for the payment if you would like to pay using cash or Money Order.

      Our turnaround time for refinishing is running at between 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the refinish.

      Here is our packing and shipping help page:
      Under shipping help
    12. brycewise
      I have a xd service model slide I would like to have duracoated. i was wonder What is the cost and shipping procedure would be
    13. ajamesp51
      The frame stuff is not my gig, it's going to cost you a fortune to overnight the pistol, since it has to go overnight FedEx or UPS.
    14. Bike Medic
      Bike Medic
      I am wanting to have Trijicon Orange Item #: TRSG101O installed on my XDS. Can you tell me if you would be able to install the PRP spring kit at the same time? What would the install cost for the spring kit run me? Am I able to ship the whole firearm to you or does it have to be 2 packages?
    15. Wisconman
      Just a note about the great job James did installing Big Dot Tritium sights on my XD Compact .45. Could not be more professionally done, and at half the cost my local gunsmith would have charged.
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    Home Page:
    Birmingham, Al
    Gun Mechanic
    Factory certified Springfield XD Armorer
    Factory certified Glock Armorer
    Owner XDMAN.com
    Owner Tacti-Cool.com



    Gun Mechanic
    Factory certified Springfield XD Armorer
    Factory certified Glock Armorer
    Owner XDMAN.com
    Owner Tacti-Cool.com
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