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Jan 31, 2003
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Birmingham, Al
Gun store owner (that feels good to say that, I ow

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Oct 19, 2014 at 7:22 PM
    1. gonefishin
      James. Ordered a Mag extension for my XD-s45, you guys recommend gunsmith install. Is the process the same as this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoGzER3EGqo
      If so, I will try then take to gunsmith if I have trouble.
      Any information is appreciated.
    2. ajamesp51
      I am hoping to have them done on Monday.
    3. bijou
      RE: Armorer's cup

      I'm in for two

      PM Me if you need a deposit

    4. ajamesp51
      To order a refinish:

      Use the drop down menu to choose the color you want

      Check out and use the special instructions and type in if you have any special notes.

      You will have the options to pay using Visa or MC on-line. Or when you check out use the "Print & Call" method for the payment if you would like to pay using cash or Money Order.

      Our turnaround time for refinishing is running at between 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the refinish.

      Here is our packing and shipping help page:
      Under shipping help
    5. brycewise
      I have a xd service model slide I would like to have duracoated. i was wonder What is the cost and shipping procedure would be
    6. ajamesp51
      The frame stuff is not my gig, it's going to cost you a fortune to overnight the pistol, since it has to go overnight FedEx or UPS.
    7. Bike Medic
      Bike Medic
      I am wanting to have Trijicon Orange Item #: TRSG101O installed on my XDS. Can you tell me if you would be able to install the PRP spring kit at the same time? What would the install cost for the spring kit run me? Am I able to ship the whole firearm to you or does it have to be 2 packages?
    8. Wisconman
      Just a note about the great job James did installing Big Dot Tritium sights on my XD Compact .45. Could not be more professionally done, and at half the cost my local gunsmith would have charged.
    9. ajamesp51
      I have Truglo TFO's on most off my pistols.
    10. JB.45
      Hi James, looking at night sights for my xdm 4.5, 40s&w.
      Was set on the TFO's but looks like your out of stock? Now I'm second guessing my self, tfo or hd trijicon; what do you think ?Use will be limited IDPA, but will probably carry this while my xds is away.
      Any help and or time frame would be awesome.
      Thanks Josh
    11. Blak1508
      thank you, i had a minute to run like 60 rounds thru before class and damn those sights are really nice, great job on the install. thank you
    12. ajamesp51
      A combat sight picture as described here:
    13. Blak1508
      James how do those Ameriglo I dot pros, shoot on the shield 9mm, which aim do I take more importantly. I am not going to lie, you know me a bit by now and I have been trying so hard not to ask anything about my Shield lol, but I figured I would ask a shooters question. Like where do I aim to achieve POI? I figured if you give me a rough idea you may save me a few rounds. Thanks as always James. Congratulations as well
    14. Huski92
      Did not want to put this out publicly, because I don't know how much you can say about it. I have a good freind that is 70. He has been a Mason for awhile now and I think he has been hinting at wanting me to join. But, he is very vague and won't answer any reall questions. I have done some research on the matter, but am still unsure about the orginization. What I do see, looks honorable and worth while. Any thoughts or information?
    15. Jaxson17
      Hey James I've seen a few things you have done and they look great I was wondering if you could make my all black XDM a biotone with black lettering?
    16. ajamesp51
      No I am sorry I do not do any Shot Gun Stuff.
    17. Errokk
      Hey friend, Was curious if you did any work on shotguns? I have an old piece of crap .410 single shot breach load Brazilian made that my grandfather left to me when he passed and was interested in getting the ejector repaired. As of now and for many years this thing has been damaged and fails to eject properly. The finish is also in bad shape and I'd like to do something with it. The gun has no monetary value at all just sentimental and I want it to be in proper working order again. The barrel was chopped to 18" and the stock chopped off into a terrible "wannabe" pistol grip. If you get the time and are interested, shoot me a call/text to (731)676-8454 so we can further discuss my options. My email is ericbaskin39@gmail.com you can get me there too but I usually only check it once a week, maybe twice. Thanks again, Eric
    18. ajamesp51
      No not yet
    19. MdMike
      Was wondering, Does anyone make a rear novak style night sight for the XDS? If so where could I look at them to decide on a set of night sights?
    20. xd357
      Hey James, received my xds slide today and another perfect install from what I can tell. Thanks for the great work! M. Roseberry
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    Birmingham, Al
    Gun store owner (that feels good to say that, I ow
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