Aug 23, 2007
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    1. PennsylvaniaPatriot
      Hey thanks for the request! Not sure which thread you found me in but howdy!
    2. 9ja
      Hello 1lowlife, thanx for the friend reach-out. I'm a newbie still conducting my due diligence in trying to soak up background info, knowledge & "no do's" before I proverbially bite the bullet on what to go for. But, I almost certainly know it will be an SA. Thanx to all of you on this forum for all your contributions.
    3. Reese
      hey buddy, question, please tell me where you got your electroless nickeling from, i want to get it done on my ruger lc9.
    4. SebZE835
      Well hello there thanks for the request. This seems like a great forum. :)
    5. Diocoles
      Part 2 cause part 1 was too long... ramble...
      I see how you polished up the cap a bit. I like it. I may try that on my standard one.
      Assembly and disassembly... I see why a lot say it's more difficult. I did have an issue the first time. After that it was a breeze. The tip of a mag can hold that cap down while you rotate the bushing and it works great. Picking up little tips here and there.
      Wifey says, that looks nice, but don't overdo the silver or it'll look too "cheap", like a hooker, fun to play with but not what you want to take home with you....hehe. I love her descriptions.
      I've been musing after reading some of the comments and looking at more color variations on the 1911 models.
      I'm taking it to the range today after work to see if the guide rod affects function or accuracy in any way.
      Also trying out some Wolf 9mm ammo. Just range stuff. Cheapo. About $16/100 when I get it a case at a time.
      Need anything I can help with, just holler. Much appreciated.
    6. Diocoles
      Part 1 cause it got too long....

      Got the spring coil plug and guide yesterday in the mail.
      Again, thank you very much. I was excited. :)
      Interesting 2 tone to the guide rod.
      I noticed the end of the guide rod where it contacts the barrel linkage has a slot. Very different from my standard and the one in my Kimber. I like that. I seems to fit much better. I do like the silver color. The end cap is ... different. First one I've seen that's open on the end. Then I realized why. Interesting again. Learning stuff all the time. Love it.
    7. insatiable ONE
      insatiable ONE
      Happy New Year!
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