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316lmh 06-29-2012 04:17 PM

Xds light strikes
Has any one had trouble with light strikes on their xds, just had to send mine back because of numerous light strikes. I tried four different brands of ammo

mser 06-29-2012 04:36 PM

I've had a few light strikes and a few instances of slide lock with the magazine partially empty. 200 rounds through it so far.

FHBrumb 06-29-2012 04:38 PM

Yes. 3 out pf 300. It seems tbat oil in the striker channel caused my issue. Clean and dry, it does fine.

Accius 06-29-2012 04:42 PM

Just sent mine back. Same issue.

Kschif1 06-29-2012 05:08 PM

600 so far and nothing yet, knock on wood

3shot 06-29-2012 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by FHBrumb (Post 3408181)
Yes. 3 out pf 300. It seems tbat oil in the striker channel caused my issue. Clean and dry, it does fine.

I thought I'd borrow Saluki's post about this issue. It seems this is growing in popularity :confused:. IMHO I feel I am be beating the dead horse with this issue however. As stated many many times in other posts, my XDS was drenched in oil and grease!!! It "had to have a thorough striker channel cleaning prior to the first range trip"!!! Dont get me wrong, some can go straight to the range without a single issue. Depends on who assymbles your XD-S I guess? Some, however say they cleaned their gun first and it still malfunctioned. Of these, how many have taken the striker plate off and looked inside???? May be fine on the outside, but not on the inside! Mine was a MESS!!!!!!!!! GREASE,GREASE,GREASE!! Cleaned it "THOROUGHLY" before the first shot, and has ran like a sewing machine ever since.

Just thought I'd share this with those that might find it helpfull advice ;)

His post is as follows:

XDTalk Member

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"Just picked up the XDS from the FFL this evening!

Got it home, broke it down, and gave it a thorough inside 'n out cleaning. I really like being able to get the striker out without having to pound out a roll pin. Striker plate removal is a breeze. Striker channel had a fair amount of factory grease that needed to be dealt with. "

Now, how many have taken this step if you are having light strikes???
There is no other way to clean the channel thoroughly!
Not saying the grease is 100% the culprit, but a damn good place to start! :cool:

AHSGA 06-29-2012 06:12 PM

I have been having light strikes for a month experiencing it on my reloads and CCI shot.

XDm45 4.5"
Reload: WLP, 230 grain fmj, WST
Previously shot 1500 rounds mostly my reloads with no issues.
Springer trigger job - no spring changes.
Yes I cleaned the striker channel and no oil is there.
Changed to plus striker spring (springer) last week and had issue today once.
No, I haven't used any factory loads recently except the CCI shot testing.
Yes, CCI shot loads cycle the action.
Yes, the rounds shoot when trying again.

It has been suggested that WLP are "hard" primers. WTF?
I am at a loss. What next?

saluki6589 06-29-2012 06:16 PM

Just got back from the range...
Just put the first 125 rds through the XDS. As 3shot noted I did scrub the you know what out of the striker channel before the gun ever saw the range.

Now for the function report. I shot in this order, no mixing brands...50rds then 50rds then 25rds.

1.) 50 rds Sellier & Bellot 230gr. NEVER shot this before (friend gave me a box for next to nothing, so I figured what the heck)
2.) 50 rds of Freedom Munitions Blaster 230gr
3.) 25 rds of Winchester Ranger T 230gr

I had TWO FTFs in the 50 rds of S&B. These were the first 50 rds shot out of this gun. I thought Uh Ooooh. When these happened [rd 23, mag 5 & rd 38, mag 8] I looked at the primers. Solid firing pin indentation, not light and matched primers from the previous rounds that went "BANG". So I loaded the rounds back in the mags immediately after the mag they came out of was empty. Chambered the rounds...and "BANG" both times.

Next up 50 rds of the Freedom Blasters. Zero failures of any kind. Primer strikes identical to those on the S&B rds.

Finally, the 50 rds of Winchester Rangers. Again, zero failures and same primer strike indentations as the S&B's and Freedoms.

So, my thought are this.

1.) Was it light primer strikes on the two S&B's? Doubtful, the primer indentations on the two FTFs were exactly the same as all other rounds that went "BANG".

2.) Was it hard primers? I have to say I am leaning this way given the first primer strikes on these rds looked exactly like all that went "BANG" the first time. They (S&B FTFs) went "BANG" on the second strike with no more deeper an indent strike than the initial FTF primer strike.

Given #1 &#2, and ALL Freedom Blaster and Winchester Rangers went "BANG" first try, and adding to this that I scrubbed the firing pin channel AND striker assembly prior to first shots... For now, I have to conclude the FTFs were ammo related and not the fault of the XDS even though the round/brand count is low (125 total, 3 brands).

I will continue to run 50 rds of different brands (UMC, WWB AE etc as well as S&B again) to find out if the FTFs are repeatable. If I cannot reproduce the FTFs, then I will feel comfortable with the XDS as an EDC after the 500 rd count.

AHSGA 06-29-2012 06:35 PM

I've been told in the past that S&B primers are quite hard but I have never experienced an issue with them shooting 92FS, P239 9mm, P220 45.

I'm leaning towards an issue with my gun but don't know where to turn.

richeyo2 06-29-2012 11:37 PM

Only 150rds. but no problems yet. I hope to get some more range time this weekend & will report back afterwards..

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