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HK P30L vs. XDm

This is a discussion on HK P30L vs. XDm within the XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M) forums, part of the XD Talk category; Originally Posted by machron1 Whole reason I went with Glock and now XD is because I HATE having 2 different trigger pulls for one pistol. ...

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Originally Posted by machron1 View Post
Whole reason I went with Glock and now XD is because I HATE having 2 different trigger pulls for one pistol. It's hard enough to master 1 trigger pull...

Read this a few times all you CCW's.

Glock and its likeness, the XDm are two of the finest low cost point and shoot peices money can buy.

Do you like guns?

Then why in the hell did you vote for a guy who doesn't like them at all???

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Originally Posted by johnnyreb18 View Post
I have been ogling over the XD(m) since it first came out. For the longest time I was set on the XDm until I visited my local (F)un shop and handled the HK P30.

My questions pertaining to the XDm:
How is the tigger? I have heard both good and bad.

Which do you suggest? Anyone have experience with both of them?
Could you try to speak to the :

(I have heard H&K's are known for theirs)


(I know they are two different types)

I have the XDM and the P30 and the P30L. The P30 is the best of the bunch. The P30 and P30L are both more accurate than the XDM. The P30 trigger is DA/SA. The DA first pull is long and hard. The SA pull has more pre travel than i would like but the break is light at 4.5 lbs. I dont prefer the XD trigger over the P30, they are just different and you would have to sample both to decide which YOU prefer. The fit and finish is slightly better for the P30. The P30 has been completly reliable with 700 rds thru it. The P30L has also been problem free with 300 rds fired. The XDM has shown no issues either with 300 rds thru it. The grip ergos are seemingly hand molded with the P30/P30L. I would say that if you want a good high capacity pistol for home protection, go with the XDM. But if you want a great overall pistol for concealed carry go with the HK P30. I consider the P30 to be the best 9mm pistol ever and if i could pick only one gun out of any others that are available, it would be the P30. Oh and HK,s are overall better made than XD,s.
HK VP9 x 2
Sig P320 9mm
Walther PPS 9mm
S&W M&P 9mm
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Old 02-05-2009, 12:33 AM   #13
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Some of the more expensive HK pistols have a great match trigger ,better sights, and mag capacity. I prefer the XDM for what it offers in the 6-800 price range.
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Old 02-05-2009, 10:36 AM   #14
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Originally Posted by mdx View Post
FYI--Lets get the info correct . He is talking about an HK P30L not a P30. Also the LEM is available in the P30 and quite a few have been sold. As to it being better because it costs more is opinion.
HK H&K 9MM P-30 LEM TRIGGER NIB HECKLER & KOCH : Semi-auto at GunBroker.com

The P30L is still going to be easier to conceal then the XDm. HK has said they are not making the P30 in a LEM trigger. If there are some floating around then that is new but I would question they came from HK with a LEM in them.


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Old 12-18-2012, 10:51 AM   #15
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HK P30L vs XDM

Hello All,

I own all three firearms mentioned in this thread: XDM 9mm, HK P30L and Sig Sauer 226 Tac Ops. My observations of each firearm out of the box with a minimum of 1000rds through each are as follows:

HK: best feeling grip of any firearm; very left hander friendly in terms of mag release, de-cocker and ambi-safety (I happen to be left-handed); extremely well made and durable; OK sights; trigger (very long take-up)takes some getting used to, but OK (definitely my least favorite aspect of the firearm); 15 round capacity is good; firearm has handled whatever ammo I have fed it with no FTF or FTE whatsoever.

XDM: sharp looking firearm (I chose the olive drab/ stainless); nice grip; very aggressive, but not too much so; firearm is a bit top heavy (not an issue with practice, as with any firearm), but it points well and naturally; better than average sights; good trigger; easiest gun ever to break-down and clean (big plus!!!); absolutely love the 19+1 capacity;

SIG: quite frankly, it like comparing apples to oranges IMHO. Out of the box, the SIG feels great in the hand; points extremely well; all steel frame makes recoil minimal (I shot the best groups out of the box BY FAR with this firearm); short reset trigger (not even fair to compare this trigger to the stock XDM and HK--yes, the sig trigger is THAT much better); fantastic sights (stock night rears with fiber-optic/tritium front--WOW!!); 4 mags with the firearm with 20rd capacity (though I did swap them out immediately due to slide not staying locked back after final round)

Admittedly, I am not the best shooter in the world, but I tend to shoot 200-300 rounds per week. I also mod my firearms to make them function better for me. To date, I have ordererd three different springs (should be here next week) for the HK to help with the trigger, though I have been shooting that firearm much better as of late. I shoot a minimum of 100 rods with that firearm per week, since I am the least accurate with it. I have also had heine straight 8's with tritium installed, which makes a world of difference.
On the XDM, I have had Trijicon HD sights (orange) installed--love that BIG orange dot up front. I've also NP3'd the slide and internals and installed PRP (Powder River Precision) X-treme grips. The most significant upgrade was having the PRP match trigger kit installed. It was so great on the 9mm that I had it installed on my XDM .45 as well. You won't believe what a difference it makes on the firearm. That being said, I haven't felt the need to do a thing to the SIG, and it is my home protection weapon.
I know that I can be a bit long-winded, but hopefully someone will get some useful information from this. If you have the opportunity, shoot all three side by side and see which feels best. My local range has that as an option, and it is very worth it, especially if you are going to drop upwards of $1000 on a firearm (less so for the XDM, of course) Peace and safe shooting everyone.
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Old 12-18-2012, 12:21 PM   #16
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I'm not totally impressed with the finish of my XDm. I have a stainless slide, and it isn't holding up as well as the black melonite. If I did it again, I probably wouldn't get the bitone.

MD-Lucky. Could you say more about what you mean by this? It seems the opposite would be true -- that is, the melonite finish less durable. Is the stainless prone to scratches, for example? Thanks. Joe
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