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XDm 45 3.8 VS. Glock .45 30sf shootout review

This is a discussion on XDm 45 3.8 VS. Glock .45 30sf shootout review within the SA-XD/XD(M) Range Reports forums, part of the Information category; I bought both these guns this week and took them out for a shoot determined to settle on one of them for my new EDC ...

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Old 02-22-2012, 10:58 PM   #1
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XDm 45 3.8 VS. Glock .45 30sf shootout review

I bought both these guns this week and took them out for a shoot determined to settle on one of them for my new EDC gun. I own 2 other XD's and know the platform well. I had never owned a Glock but had shot a few and found them competent and accurate. Before I even bought the Glock I was concerned about the palm swell in the grip. However I was told by a few Glock enthusiast that it would grow on me. For the record I paid $519 for the Glock and $585 for the XDm. So off to the range we go.....shooting Winchester White Box and UMC Remington FMJ

Out of the box the Glock was a little wider but nothing I couldn't hide with a good holster. It put together solid groups at 25 yards and less while shooting 4" high at 25 yards which made me think that the sights were set up for a 6 o'clock hold. So I held the 6 o'clock and sailed them right into the bullseye. I moved on from shooting the Glock with both hands into a holster draw and single hand shot. Shooting single handed the Glock was showing its weakness. The palm swell hump on the grip does not allow a strong enough purchase on the grip for a normal hand. While I could get my shots off I couldn't always manage the recoil enough to get a good return to battery. Shooting one handed I had 3 failure to battery out of 100 rounds, shooting with a 2 hand grip I had NO failures out of 100 rounds. Failures were experienced with both magazines not isolated to one magazine. One really annoying thing about the Glock was that the gap between the magazine and the frame pinches your pinky finger during recoil. Its a total pain in the ass. I managed to sub-due the pinching a little by fitting an O-ring over the magazine but that made locking in a new mag a hard hard push to seat the magazine. I did get some Pearce extensions for the Glock and the pinching was still there but much much less abrupt.

The XDm is a tad heavier and at its widest point almost as wide as the Glock but then tapers for a generally slimmer profile. The XDm grip with the 9 shot magazine can't quite accommodate your pinky finger but at least it doesn't pinch you and a Pearce extension will remedy the problem. The factory 13 round magazine fit well with the sleeve and complimented the look of the pistol. The XDm much the same as the Glock held a solid 4-5 inch group at 25 yards. The sight were set so the top of the blade was your point of impact. Shooting with both hands I had zero failures out of 100 rounds and had no stoppages shooting 100 rounds coming from the holster using the medium backstrap one handed.

Conclusion? Its pretty easy to see. The XDm has more versatility. I really really wanted to like the Glock. Glock is a major player and many people owe there lives to these excellent firearms but it just wasn't working for me. The Glock was accurate for sure but I'm pretty certain I wasn't going to get use to that palm swell and shooting one handed with reliability is a must for me in a carry gun. I looked into getting a grip reduction for the Glock but $135 plus shipping wasn't very appealing, not to mention the finger pinching. The fact is the XDm gave me no reasons to dislike it while the Glock did give me reasons to dislike it no matter how petty they may seem.
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Old 02-23-2012, 12:12 AM   #2
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+1 on the xdm. i cant stand the grip on the g30 or the felt recoil.
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Old 02-23-2012, 12:37 AM   #3
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I was ok with felt recoil of the Glock just not ok with the grip. The gun has merit I just think it needs a little slimming down and refinement.
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Old 02-23-2012, 09:40 AM   #4
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A guy I know did a shootout review of the same two guns. But he has owned 2 Glocks and no XD's. Shockingly, he liked the Glock better. (rolls eyes)
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Old 02-24-2012, 09:07 AM   #5
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Use what you shoot the best and can conceal well. Lot's of great options out there. Thanks for sharing your perspective!
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Old 02-24-2012, 11:09 PM   #6
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My previous experience with a 45 was with an OLD Colt 1911 Government I own. Heavy old beast, but, nice to shoot now and then. I was looking for something smaller, easier to conceal. I did the 'rent a gun' thing, shot both a Glock 45 and XDm 45. After many rounds, I chose the XDm. I did not like the 'pinch' with the Glock either, and I did not like the recoil. I did not even try a single hand shot with the Glock, but I did with the XDm, that's what sold me on the XDm. Since my purchase of the XDm 45c, I have also purchased the XDm 9c, I love them both, just great weapons, easy to shoot, easy to clean, so far, flawless.

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