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XD and or HS2000 FAQ`s

This is a discussion on XD and or HS2000 FAQ`s within the SA-XD/XD(M) FAQ & Stickies forums, part of the Information category; Who makes the XD ? The XD is manufactured in Croatia by a company HS Produkt. I thought Springfield Armroy made the XD ? No ...

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XD and or HS2000 FAQ`s

Who makes the XD ?
The XD is manufactured in Croatia by a company HS Produkt.

I thought Springfield Armroy made the XD ?
No this is a misconception SA only imports the XD. SA has sole importation rights to the HS2000 in North America.

What is the difference between the xd and the hs2000?
Nothing, when SA took over the the importation rights to the HS2000 they decided to rename the pistol as the XD to try a new fresh marketing approach.

Is the HS2000 still available in the US or around the world?
No new HS2000 pistols are allowed into North Amrica unless SA does it, since they have the importaion rights. The HS2000 is still available everywhere else in the world through various distributers not based in North America. Used HS2000 are still found in pawn shops and stores but they are few and far between.

Is the XD availabe anywhere else other than North America?
Probably not, since other importaion companies have rights in their respective areas of distribution.

Is the XD really a rust moster?
Some people have had trouble with rust, but for every case of a badly rusting XD there are several thousand that have no problems even living in areas with high humidity. I always tell people to treat the XD as you would any other blued pistol and you should be good to go.

Do the stainless steel XD`s rust?
Yes any stainless steel can rust given the chance, to see proof just check out some pictures I have posted at http://www.xd-hs2000.com/problems.html

What if I have problems with my particular pistol rusting if I just look at it?
You can contact Springfield Armory the website and phone number are
Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday.

I am in the US and have an HS2000 that has something broke what can I do?
Springfield Armory will warrent the pistol under their guarantee, but you will have to pay to ship the pistol both ways.

What is the average cost of an XD?
This will depend on what part of the country you are in but it is between 400.00 and 450.00.

I heard there are no aftermarket accessories for the XD is this true?
No this is far from the truth just starting with sponsers of this forum will give you a good start. Each of these sponsers have a section of the talk group dedicated to them with customer comments and information these are located in the customer support area. Please if you use these companies leave information regarding your experence in the respective stores area they will apreciate it. Also just to keep non topic posts down in the other areas please use talk group etiquette and avoid double posts, or posts in other topic areas. Although the sponser apreciate it they are better served in their respective areas so you thoughts are not lost and others needing information can eaisly find it concentrated in one area.

http://www.gunnersalley.com Specializing in holsters for different firearms, Gunners Alley forum area is located at: http://www.hs2000talk.com/viewforum....72f8a055b2d2b6

information about Don`s Guide Rod is located at: http://www.hs2000talk.com/viewforum....72f8a055b2d2b6

http://www.xd-hs2000.com specializing in XD parts, accessories & information also an FFL. The xd-hs2000 forum area is located at: http://www.hs2000talk.com/viewforum....72f8a055b2d2b6

http://www.bluewonder.us Specializing in gun cleaning and protecting merchadise. Blue Wonder`s forum area is located at: http://www.hs2000talk.com/viewforum....72f8a055b2d2b6

http://www.pistol-gear.com/index.php Specializing in XD Accesories also carries Glock and Sig accesories with varous shooting supplies. Pistol-Gear`s forum area is: http://www.hs2000talk.com/viewforum....72f8a055b2d2b6

My Xd`s roll pin has a split down the side of it, did I break it?
No your roll is not broke a roll pin is a flat piece of material that has been rolled into the shape of the letter "C". If your roll pin is broke in half then you have 3 options.
Call Springfield Armory, although free it may take awhile and they may want you to send in your pistol.

Use a forum sponser, this will cost but you can get the replacement part and can latter exchanging the damaged part with SA.

Get one locally, this will be the hardest since the roll pin is metric with the dementions 3mm x 16mm. Most local stores only carry US standars roll pins which will not fit correctly.

Is the XD double or single action?
The XD uses what SA calls a USA Action Trigger System. This trigger is in reality a single action trigger by definition since the XD when cocked, the firing pin is fully compressed and when you pull the trigger it releases the firing pin. Now to be fair to the XD its trigger is designed to have what feels like a military two stage trigger. The XD has a smooth long take up and then hits an area where a little more force is required and then a crisp trigger break. The reset of the trigger is also long, so during the triggers travel it mimics a double action with a trigger pull of about 4-5lbs.

Is the XD safe to dryfire?
Yes the XD and HS2000 is safe to dryfire, since the xd uses a striker fired system you have to dryfire the XD to take it apart. The XD is designed with a striker (firing pin) dampining spring. This dampining spring is located between the back of the breechface and the stiker, this cusions the blow of the striker making it safe. The trigger of the XD actually gets better after several hundred dryfires...things seem to smooth out.

I heard you can interchange different magazines is this true?
Yes infact this is a way to get higher capacity magazines with the 9mm. You can use either the full sized 10 round 40 or 357 magazines and fit 15 9mm rounds into them. You can use 12 round 40 or 357 mags to fit 16-17 9mm rounds into them. With the Subcompacts you can use a 40 subcompact magazine and fit 13 9mm into them as of now this is the only way to get a full capacity magazine in the subcompact. If you have feeding problems with magazines please refure to my two pictures for help with the magazines, both pictures apply to all xd magazines.

Any full sized XD or HS2000 magazine can be used in any XD or HS2000 including subcompacts although with the subcompacts the magazine will stick out of the bottom. (some work may be required for reliable feeding as in using a 9mm mag with the larger 40SW or 357sig). The subcompact magazines are interchangable with any XD subcompact pistol and will sit flush.

How old is the XD design?
The XD`s basic design has been in use since the year 2000.

What was the first US Federal dept to issue the XD?
That honor goes to elements of the USDA yes the United States Department of Agriculture.

Tell me about conversion barrels.
The general rule is you can go from larger to smaller calibre but not from smaller to larger. This means if you have a 9mm you can not get a conversion barrel to shoot 40 or 357, but can get match grade 9mm barrels. If you have a 40 cal then you can get barrels that can shoot 357, or 9mm and can get match 40 barrels. If you have a 357 you can get conversion barrels to shoot 40 or 9mm and match 357 barrels.

Is the XD a copy of the Glock?
No the XD is not a copy of the Glock, they do have similar characteristics but it is not a copy. None of the parts are interchangable, many dont even lookalike or work in the same fasion. This is like saying Chevy cars are copys of ford cars, they have similar characteristics like doors and windshelds but are not copys of each other.

More to come its getting late
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Old 12-18-2004, 06:36 AM   #2
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James, thanx for all your efforts.

Here is where it all began, the dark ages!



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I forgot thats what it looked like. Sweet memories
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Old 12-18-2004, 10:41 AM   #4
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You know what might be an idea? A FAQ website link. Might be easier to read and find your question and sort it
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Old 12-20-2004, 11:54 PM   #5
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This is some great info. Thanks James!
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Old 01-12-2005, 06:28 AM   #6
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James is the Man!!! Thanks for writing the info up

You the MAN!!!
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And still... No pics of the different generations of HS2000's... My search continues...
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Originally Posted by [TASF
Overkill]And still... No pics of the different generations of HS2000's... My search continues...
I can provide a photo of a Generation 2, if you want to put something together.

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Old 02-06-2005, 12:26 AM   #9
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great info james thanks
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Old 04-16-2005, 07:37 PM   #10
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How do you adjust a 12 round .40 magazine to hold 9mm?
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