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Interchangeable Barrels

This is a discussion on Interchangeable Barrels within the SA-XD/XD(M) Accessories forums, part of the XD Talk category; Kind of a newbie to the world of handguns. Have hunted for years and own numerous rifles and shotguns, but just recently bought a Subcompact ...

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Interchangeable Barrels

Kind of a newbie to the world of handguns. Have hunted for years and own numerous rifles and shotguns, but just recently bought a Subcompact Springfield XD 9mm.

I was talking to a friend of mine at the range today who shoots a Glock. He was telling me that for the Glocks they have interchangeable barrels, whereas I could put a .40 barrel in a 9mm frame. Is this possible with the handgun I have? Could I buy a .40 or .45 barrel and switch it out with my 9mm barrel? Is this legal? My friend said after speaking with a seller at a local gun store, who had spoke to Pennsylvania State Police about the issue, that this is still legal and somehow the serial numbers can still match. Has anyone done this or does anyone have further information on the issue?

Thanks in advance!
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The OEM XD barrels are not interchangable in anything other than .40 and .357sig.
You can buy conversion barrels that will allow you to shoot 9mm in a .40 or .357 sig gun.

You can not but a .40 barrel or .45 in a 9mm not even in a glock the breech face is smaller for the 9mm cartridge and it would not feed a .40 cal case.
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Old 09-19-2010, 02:58 AM   #3
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Like Agalindo says... you can go to a smaller caliber barrel with a pistol made for .40/357Sig, or perhaps from a .45ACP/.45GAP to a .40/357SIG sized round, but the breechface of the 9mm will not accept larger calibers, nor will the hole in the front of the slide that the barrel comes through. 9mm conversion barrels are thicker than stock 9mm barrels in order to compensate for this difference when fitted to a gun which was manufactured as a .40 or 357SIG. I'm not even sure if eventually they will have .40/357SIG barrels for the guns that came as .45ACP's, but it might be possible. I don't think you will be able to reliably go from .45ACP to 9mm though without some other changes being made... principally to the extractor and ejector, as the .45ACP is so much wider at the base that the extractor would not be able to close on the rim of the smaller 9mm round, and the ejector might miss it entirely and not fling the empty case free of the breech when cycling. Feeding on the overly large .45 breechface would also be a problem as the head of the small 9mm case would be free to "move about at it's leisure" so to speak. These same problems might apply to the .45 to .40 conversion to a lesser extent. I would have to take a lot of measurements, as I'm sure the makers of conversion barrels already have, to see if this is feasible.
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Thanks for the information, guys. Really appreciate it. Guess I'll just have to buy another Springfield .40 or .45 when I get around to it. Oh man, what a total bummer, huh? Haha.
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