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380 ACP vs 9mm

This is a discussion on 380 ACP vs 9mm within the Non-XD Handguns forums, part of the Other Handgun Talk category; Originally Posted by bandit2910 Try the Kahr cw9 its small and shoots great I love that gun. I searched and held all available 9mm pistols ...

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Originally Posted by bandit2910 View Post
Try the Kahr cw9 its small and shoots great I love that gun.

I searched and held all available 9mm pistols for my summer carry gun and the CW9 was it. Easy to shoot,easy to carry. Very accurate and 9mm ammo is in-expensive.Go handle one before you buy anything else.tom.

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i love my sig p238. it is my constant companion. it will be tough to replace, and probably done only by the p938. i would love to tote my xdm9 compact around all day, but my work requires me to pocket carry most of the time as getting "made" is not an option. as far as the recoil, the p238 is leaps and bounds over the other plastic 380s.
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Old 05-06-2012, 08:50 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by NoisyCricket View Post
awesome thanks for the input on the snappy-ness of the smaller .380 guns I think I may look at something like the M&P shield or the XDs (when they release it in a 9mm) but ultimately will have to be her decision what feels best and what she likes. She almost bought a ruger LC9 when she got her LCR. She's also always liked the M&P compacts so that's another reason I was thinking I might see how she felt about the M&P shield
My wife has the LCR in .38spl. and has a lot of trouble with pain in the web of her hand. Her LCP .380 doesn't bother her as much but her new M&P Shield fits her perfectly. She shot about 100 rounds the day we bought it without a problem. It will be her new EDC as all rounds went in the center of mass. We just need to find the right holster.
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And another take...

Originally Posted by bandit2910 View Post
Try the Kahr cw9 its small and shoots great I love that gun.
My wife carried the Kahr CW9 and was able to handle it well, but (even at only 15 ounces unloaded) was a bit heavy for her (not to shoot, but to purse carry). We converted her over to the Kahr P380 and she LOVES it. While I would agree with most that "bigger is better," with modern defensive ammo the penetration differences between 9mm and .380 is insignificant.

Another major difference between Kahrs and other small .380s is that the DA trigger is a smooth, long 5.5# as opposed to the LCP or BG at 11-12#. That is one of the best parts about this line of pistols. They don't shoot like a revolver!

I also modified her P380 with a grip sleeve and CT laser... so she's set!
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Old 05-07-2012, 07:30 PM   #45
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If she likes the LCR, I would buy a large frame 4" revolver for her to practice with. Use wadcutter ammo. They have very light recoil. It will also work good as a night stand gun on her side of the bed.
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Old 05-08-2012, 09:11 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by NoisyCricket View Post
stumbled across something last night that I found interesting. Does anyone know if you can safely shoot .38 colt short in a .38 special revolver? looked like it might be the perfect solution.. if not I found some magtech .38 SPL 125gr Lead Round Nose Bullets that are like 636fps (that may be incorrect could be 686fps) those might be the solution in themselves. right now she's shooting a 130gr fmj at about 1050fps
.38 Short Colt can not be fired in a .38 Special revolver. It can be fired in a .357 however. Also, I'd imagine getting .38 Short Colt might be trickier than you think. I don't think it's made very much anymore.
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