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Fnh Fns

This is a discussion on Fnh Fns within the Non-XD Handguns forums, part of the Other Handgun Talk category; Originally Posted by Omega Man How is the recoil compared to your G19? What about the FNS do you like over the Glock? Sorry have ...

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Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
How is the recoil compared to your G19? What about the FNS do you like over the Glock?
Sorry have been out for a while... The recoil may be a hair more than my 19. I think this is because of the barrel being thinner. There seems to be less weight up front that my 19. The difference in recoil is only noticeable during slow shooting. During combat drill and rapid engagement shooting, there is no noticeable difference. I am also a bit more accurate with the FNS than my G19. Being fair, I am also a bit more accurate with an M&P than my G19. I had some issues with my first M&P trigger, the dead trigger. As an M&P Armorer, I am aware the problem as been resolved, I just can't get over it. The failure occurred during some high stress training. FYI, my M&P was not the only one to have this failure during those drills. Needless to say it completely broke my confidence in the M&P platform. Back to the FNS, I like the full sized grip compared to the smaller grip of the 19. I like the slide design better, slimmer and has front cocking serrations. I like the trigger just as much as my glock. I like the fact the pistol feels like my Browning HP's and 1911's in my hand. I thinkg the FNS will appeal to Glock owners and Sig owners. There appears to be lineage of both pistol in the design. Think P226 with polymer frame and a Glock trigger. That is what the FNS reminds me of the most.
I wouldn't say the FNS is leaps and bounds above the glocks. I do think it will fit more people and be more ergonomic to them than the Glock. As far as reliability I have about 1000 rounds through mine now without a single cleaning, or issue. So far it is showing great potential as a reliable weapon platform. Long term durability has yet to be determined. I do not normally purchase a newly designed weapons right out of the gate. I try and wait until the bugs pop up and are resolved before I pick one up. I picked up the FNS on a whim. I felt the FNX and liked the way it felt. The FNS is essentially the same frame but in a striker fired configuration. Now I am not saying the FNS is perfect either. The only real complaint I have is the finish does seem to wear easily. I guess it doesn't wear any worse than a Sig, XD, H&K. etc etc. I am just so used to Glocks I guess I am a bit spoiled. The texturing on the grip can be a bit aggressive if your not used to it. It feels like a gen 4 glocks texture, just a bit more aggressive. The other gripe I have is aftermarket. I have had to resort to building my own Kydex off duty holsters for it because no one is manufacturing them yet. Other than that, the thing runs like a top. Will it become a major player in the market, who knows. It is really going to depend on FN USA and if they want to push it in advertising and offering deals to LE agencies(The LE price is the same as the Glocks). The biggest issue FN USA has is trying to fill military contracts. That takes away from the civilian side of production.
I have been carrying glocks as duty weapons for a long time. I figured I would try something new, some new blood. I still like Glocks, for what they are. Unfortunately I do not like Glocks ideology. They haven't upgraded the design, or made it really any better. I have my own opinion of the gen 4's. There are so many companies S&W, Springfield, H&K, FN, etc that offer better designs, and more modern polymer pistols. The other pistols also continue to evolve, Glock does not. They have become stagnant, and are falling behind. I know, I know, they are back ordered and can't get caught up, mostly because of contracts, not necessarily civilian sales. Well so is S&W with the M&P, again contracts. Glock has been the big kid on the block for a long time. Like the saying goes, there will always be someone bigger, sometimes it just takes a while. I think " A While" is upon us. Stay safe TXPO
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Thank you for the detailed response TXPO. The FNS will be my next purchase. I like the fact that it comes with night sights and 3 mags. Its good to go, right from the box. I want to try one next to my G19. If i like it as much as you, i could end up going all in, on the FNS.
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