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Guns for Gimps! Looking for a CCW holster, particularly a Belly-Band

This is a discussion on Guns for Gimps! Looking for a CCW holster, particularly a Belly-Band within the Gear Talk forums, part of the Armory Talk category; Originally Posted by J B S When I first saw your handle I thought you were a friend of uncle Ted ( Nugent ). You ...

Breadcrumb Image XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source! » Armory Talk » Gear Talk » Guns for Gimps! Looking for a CCW holster, particularly a Belly-Band

Old 07-14-2009, 07:23 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by J B S View Post
When I first saw your handle I thought you were a friend of uncle Ted ( Nugent ). You are already aware of the first thing I would have told you. Most attackers want to separate the victim from their wheelchair, you have that covered by having your defenses on your person not the chair. You did not state if you had feeling in the area the gun will be secreted. You already know you want to avoid skin irritation and damage from the holster. I would suggest you contact a couple of the custom holster makers. Tell them your situation and what you want to do. They may be able to change, adapt, or custom make a holster to your measurements that functions for you better than anything available off the shelf.
Well, my handle is from a few influences, but they all mean essentially the same thing: FREAK. Gonzo the muppet was my childhood hero, and then in highschool I really got into the work of Hunter S. Thompson, the father of gonzo journalism. I wonder if he ever partied with your uncle Ted? It's sad though, he died almost exactly the same time I did. Anyways...

It kind of depends where the gun will actually sit, but if I can get it so sit where I'd like(as I described), then I would be able to feel part of it. My level of injury is around/just below the bottom of my sternum.

Here's what I'm thinking, there are a wide variety of belly bands available, and most are inexpensive. I think I just need to work on my list, and compare the different makes & features and should be able to find one(or two?) that work very well for me. I am unemployed and thus essentially broke due to my disability, so I think a custom holster would be out of my price range(I've already blown most of my spending $ on XD accessories). And like I was saying, I think I should be able to find a belly band that meets my needs, so I'm not even convinced a custom holster would be entirely necessary.

I have been looking more into fanny-pack holsters. While I have never liked the look of fanny-packs at ALL, it's not like I have the option of looking "cool" in a wheelchair anyway, so f#*% it. While searching for info on them, I came across some forum posts where they refered to them as "*** bags". While I understand the sentiment as I don't like the look of them either, I'd like to think I'm a little more evolved than that. I have also seen some fanny-pack holsters that actually look kinda cool/useful, and very covert. The first kind I found that uses the design I like is the Merlin pack, but I don't really like the "tight spandex" look, and they print like a mother...

But, I have come across two that I really like and am seriously considering. The first is the Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Fanny Pack. It looks pretty cool/durable/functional. and everything I've read about it has been positive. I like that it can hold a full-size pistol with mags etc, but looks like a tiny little pouch with a few side pouches.
The other one is the HawkePaks Micro-Gun Pack. It looks very similar in design to the Ka-bar TDI. I am kinda curious how they compare, but I seriously doubt I'll find any reviews/anyone who has tried both. Anybody here have any thoughts on them?

I'll get back to the belly-bands soon, but I still have to gather some more information and put it all together. With over a dozen different kinds of belly bands, that may take me a little while; but my(hopefully) impending CWP is a good motivation to do the homework ASAP!
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Old 07-14-2009, 08:04 AM   #12
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Oh, and as far as what I've decided won't work, I'll summarize those real quick:

Any kind of waistband holster I'd think would be a problem since I'm essentially always sitting.

Any of the crotch-holsters such as the smart-carry or thunderwear wouldn't really work for me for reasons I already hinted at, and would rather not get into the details of, just trust me on this one.

I considered a shoulder rig early on, then realized that it would REALLY get in the way. I think it would catch on stuff & me when transferring(like into or out of my car), and would chaff BIG time while just getting around. Imagine wearing a shoulder rig if your ONLY means of mobility were say, a rowboat?

I'd think it's obvious enough why a small-of-the-back carry method wouldn't work, so I won't even go into that.
All your base are belong to us!

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Old 07-14-2009, 10:17 AM   #13
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This is something I am looking at for a few situations, car carry, has fanny option , strap, and my friend in a wheel chair bought one. He has it loosely around him with the fanny strap option, not sure whether this would work for you, but hope it helps.
Might be an option for you in car as well.
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Old 07-17-2009, 04:45 PM   #14
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I forget what they are called, but have you looked into any of the under shirt holsters... These are the shirts that have built-in holster pockets for CC.

Anyone know what they are called??

Good luck to you. I am interested in what you find works best.
Jason - College Station, TX
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Old 07-18-2009, 11:05 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by Gonz0 View Post
I have been looking more into fanny-pack holsters.

These are the best featured, best made, toughest packs you can buy. I have been using a standard GunPack for many years, and I have on order a new Elite GunPack.

In your situation (and climate!!) I would not have the gun strapped tight to my body, but loosely on my belt so that it can be repositioned easily and pushed away from my skin in hot weather. How about their new SideKick? If you are right handed, get a right hand version and attach it to your belt just forward of your left hip. That's where I position my GunPack and it's VERY comfy and quick to access.


Get one in a bright color, sew on a sports emblem that you cut off an old ball cap or a label from an old camera bag, and nobody will pay the slightest attention to it. If you decide to buy, sign up for email notifications and wait for one of their frequent sales, and you will save a lot of ca$h. They just had a "50% off everything with free shipping" sale...their sales vary - here is the current one, valid through July 19, 2009:

Sale Synopsis
What’s On Sale: The Elite Tommy’s Gun Pack
How Much: $94.99 (a savings of $22.00!!!)
Coupon Code: SIDEKICK4U (to receive a FREE Sidekick of your choice)
When: All this weekend!!
BONUS: The first hundred orders ship FREE!!!

Good luck.

John Davies
Spokane WA

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Old 07-23-2009, 08:09 PM   #16
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How about a 5.11 shirt with the hidden pocket or one of those 5.11 vests?

maybe something like this...
Deep Concealment shoulder holster,With the DeepConcealment you can conceal your gun with a plain shirt,For correct sizing please measure your chest's circumference about 4" below the armpit.

Holsters UnderCoverComfort Performance Apparels
Every American a Rifleman

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Old 09-17-2009, 01:47 AM   #17
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I doubt a shirt holster would be the best option because I live in a horribly hot and humid area, and I don't think a shoulder holster would work well for me for reasons I believe I mentioned already.

I got the Ka-bar TDI pack(which is really quite different in looks and function to a "fanny pack", so I'm not even going to insult this fine carry pack with that term), and it works and looks great. Very functional. and looks a lot cooler than a "fanny pack". Plus I really like that it looks like a tiny little pack that a gun could not fit in, but can carry my service model XD with a mag extension attached and a spare mag; plus a knife, keys, and other accessories. I highly recommend it.

I do still want to get some kind of Belly-band holster, but am still trying to do more research on those. There will be a local gun show in October, so I'm hoping there will be some there that I can try on and get a feel for. I need something secure yet doesn't get to hot, and it would be nice if it could carry at least one spare mag.
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Old 05-11-2012, 09:50 AM   #18
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Old thread ... still a good topic

I've had my CCW for about 8 years now. I've been a paraplegic for about 22 years now. I went through a lot of holsters over the years and I haven't found "The" perfect one yet.

1) I do not want to carry the gun on my chair. While the wheelchair is considered a part of my person while I am sitting in it it is NOT considered a part of me when I am not sitting in it. I want my gun on me.

2) Belly bands are terrible for me because I sit all the time and it prevents me from bending over to pick stuff up off the floor. They tend to ride up a lot too.

3) Behind the back and other waist/belt holsters are not a good option because they cause pressure sores and generally get in the way.

4) I use an ankle holster if I feel like carrying my Ruger LCP and that works ok. Not the fastest access, but doable.

5) I've had luck wearing a fanny pack designed for gun concealment but it gets in the way when I need to bend over and prevents me from getting nice and close to tables and desks. It is doable and not too irritating, but not perfect.

6) When I carry my Springfield EMP 1911 I normally use a shoulder holster. The shoulder holster does not get in the way of transfers and does not catch on anything. It actually holds my pants up really well, which is great because belts suck. I do wear a t-shirt under the rig and a button down shirt over to conceal it ... so summers are a challenge.

I can use the shoulder rig with my Ruger LCP as well and that's easier because it's a smaller and lighter gun. But, I normally use the ankle holster with the LCP as a break from wearing 2 shirts.

I do use a 5.11 thigh platform on the back of my chair for attaching stuff to: A pack for my wallet and checkbook and stuff, a nice flashlight, a pocket watch, my utility fixed blade knife. I LOVE MOLLE!

The following I have not tried yet but am considering:

1) A 5.11 thigh rig on my thigh with a pouch for pistol concealment.
2) Something like a Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster
3) Something like the Osprey Resource Warp Shoulder Bag
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Old 05-12-2012, 03:19 PM   #19
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Look into the pistol gear stuff. I have one for my cm9
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Old 05-12-2012, 10:11 PM   #20
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How about a serpa holster first of all and then second a shoulder rig. It's will give retention, i think it will work

Also here are some more
Shoulder Holsters
Best of luck and please let us know what you decide to go with
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