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Best spyderco EDC?

This is a discussion on Best spyderco EDC? within the Cold Steel forums, part of the Armory Talk category; I'm looking for new EDC and I am fond to the the spyderco brand. Any suggestions?...

Old 12-01-2012, 08:48 AM   #1
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Best spyderco EDC?

I'm looking for new EDC and I am fond to the the spyderco brand. Any suggestions?

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Old 12-01-2012, 08:54 AM   #2
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Harpy ..... Been carrying a all stainless harpy for 14 years.

If I could find the Carbon Fiber Harpy somewhere I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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Old 12-03-2012, 07:08 AM   #3
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Depends on how much you have to spend. If you're short of cash I'd recommend the Tenacious, which was my first Spyderco blade and is outstanding especially for the price. The Persistence, a smaller version of the Tenacious is also a great EDC choice. The Delica 4 FFG would also be outstanding. I have an Endura 4 FFG which I love, but I don't recommend it as an EDC/utility blade as it's a 3.75" blade which is too long for my utility tasks (I carry the Endura for defensive purposes mostly). The Manix 2 translucent is also a really cool knife if you have the cash for it.
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Old 12-12-2012, 10:15 AM   #4
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I've got the persistence, delica 4, centofante 3, paramilitary 2, sage 1, manix, & Gayle Bradley all in my edc rotation, but the delica 4 gets the most pocket time by far.
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Old 12-12-2012, 11:28 AM   #5
XDTalk 500 Member
crimsonfalcon07's Avatar
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Location: Colorado
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One of the sprint run Manix 2 in more interesting steel would be my bet. The only one I ever consistently EDC'ed before I got my HTM Gun Hammer, was the Stag Arms Manix 2 in FFG S30V. Great knife. Sage, Caly3, Para 2, and Gayle Bradley are other popular ones. If you had more of an idea of what you're looking for, it would be easier to give you suggestions though. Blade length? Intended use? Lock style? Budget?
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Old 12-12-2012, 12:41 PM   #6
XDTalk Newbie
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Delica 4 here. Love it.
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Old 12-12-2012, 01:06 PM   #7
XDTalk 1K Member
Clint_Beastwood's Avatar
Member #: 69067
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: San Diego, CA
Posts: 1,330
My favorites are the Military, Paramilitary, Manix, Native, Pacific Salt, and Endura. Those make great EDCs. I've been carrying my Paramilitary for 5 years and use it for all kinds of stuff. I switch between that or my Benchmade Presidio.
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Old 12-12-2012, 09:28 PM   #8
XDTalk 2K Member
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Location: MO, USA
Posts: 2,620
had the Harpy but sold it. I lke a nice sharp plain blade. Have the Endura4 with the wave opener and it's about perfect for letter opening or stabbing and slashing. Kinda thin for prying, hacking or chopping.

Honestly I only carry a knife when I can't carry a gun. Otherwise I have scissors at my desk that can do everything a knife can an a 38 in my pocket is preferrable to a knife for about everyting else. I understand that some folks can't carry every day like others can though.

If I was to buy a cheap beater/utility Spyderco it'd be the Tenacious. Good size, flat grind and G10 handles for a good grip. Not so expensive that breaking or losing it would make you cry.
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Old 12-13-2012, 05:54 AM   #9
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Location: Anchorage, AK
Posts: 628
I've been beating various 2nd and 3rd gen Endura and Delica models to death for the last 15 years. I've played with the new ones and like them, but can't say how they hold up to EDC. My current Endura 3 is with me just about all of the time, I use it every day for whatever the task at hand may be. The only difference between Delica and Endura is an inch or so of blade, I'd pick between the two of those. Personally, I find the extra length of the Endura to be a bonus, you have a lot of cutting power available in a rather thin, light and compact knife.
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Old 12-14-2012, 08:23 PM   #10
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I've carried many Spyderco knives over the years and my favorite is the Endura with full spyder-edge. Light weight,strong lock,lots of cutting power/reach, strong point.YMMV. tom.

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