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total newbie to ARs, need your help

This is a discussion on total newbie to ARs, need your help within the AR Talk forums, part of the Long Gun Talk category; I've got the spikes NiBoron BCG and enhanced LPK in my Noveske and I LOVE them. I went to the range with some of my ...

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Old 01-24-2012, 10:41 AM   #11
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I've got the spikes NiBoron BCG and enhanced LPK in my Noveske and I LOVE them.

I went to the range with some of my family last weekend ( five of us ) and I had them buy there own ammo ( wolf & Tula ) .

We must have gone threw 500+ rounds, as we were packing up I pulled the BCG to wipe it and the upper with a rag before we left. I've never seen it that dirty before.

The rag was BLACK after I hit the BCG, but it was spotless after ten secants of rubbing.

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Old 01-24-2012, 12:34 PM   #12
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Yea a forged receiver should be stronger, and in most cases, this is why a billet receiver is heavier - because it needs more material bulked up to be strengthened. Billet receivers are neat looking but IMO not worth the premium over forged. They can incorporate some cool ambidextrous stuff and be milled more precisely but I don't need it...do you?

Now the charge handle, I chose billet solely because of the great reviews on the BCM Gunfighter (I run a mod 4). Billet can be milled precisely and this is nice since standard charge handles tend to fit kind of crappy. Honestly, if the BCM gunfighter was forged, I would vote forged but since it's not, I won't. I think the nice thing about the Gunfighter is the bigger latch and the change in pin design to lesson the chance of breakage. Here is where IMO its ok to pay the small premium.

I have no problem with the NiB BCGs and would run one but my BCM BCG has taken abuse just fine, so I see no need to pay the NiB premium. Until the BCM BCG breaks or causes some unknown problem, which I doubt will happen any time soon, I'll switch. IMO the upgrade just isn't worth the premium. If you have the cash, go for it, but I wouldn't lose ANY sleep with a quality standard BCG.

I chose Chrome Lined because it will take more abuse (as I have heard) and last longer than an SS. SS barrels, as others have said, will have greater accuracy but if you just want a good old 16" battle rifle a chrome lined is the way to go IMO. SS=accuracy CL=high round count fun gun.

These are my opinions and I can safely say that I AM NOT an AR expert in the least bit but I have done a ton of research during my build and love what I have. Until my setup fails me I will stand behind it. Have fun and remember that the money you save on parts (that you may not need) will help the ammo and accessory fund. I've lol'd when people at the range will brag up and down about what leading edge parts are in their rig, but have no money left for any optics and look like dopes shooting iron sights at 100 yds with their super-duper-holier-than-thou- second coming of Jesus AR.
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